Drinks (illustration).

MAXIM - Forgive us for not having written this before. We hope none of your friends drank gin in the New Year.

The Independent, referring to the Australian study, talks about the relationship between drink preferences and mental disorders. Innsbruck University analyzed the tastes of 953 respondents, focusing on such pleasant traits as sadism, narcissism, psychotism, Machiavellianism (the tendency to solve problems by brute physical force).

In one survey, people preferred different tastes, in the other they answered questions that characterized their person. Scientists managed to get a strict dependence: the more a person gets pleasure from the bitter taste, the more - from the bitterness of the human.

Do not hide their sadistic nature, respondents opted for gin and black coffee.

The regressive analysis of the data only confirmed the previous results, as stated by Dr. Christian Sangioglu and Tobias Greatmeier - the authors of the scientific work. In the explanatory note, they emphasize that the results obtained allow us to re-examine the behavioral patterns and addiction to bitter taste is an extremely accurate indicator of the individual's inclination to sadism.

Therefore, if the maniac locked you up in the basement, but you managed to notice that next to the palette of sharpened knives is a can of cola, there's nothing to be afraid of. He generously intends to treat you to a delicious steak. (Maxim Russia)

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