Alena Vodonaeva, MAXIM
MAXIM - Desperate to persuade Alena Vodonaev to come to us for a photo shoot, we filmed without permission, sitting on a tree in front of her windows. The result was so impressive that we thought: why did we all these years run with studios, make-up artists and stylists? Now we'll shoot just like that!

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What has changed in your life since the last shooting in MAXIM in November 2012?

On the part of frank filming, nothing has changed, all exclusive only MAXIM gets. I remember how on the very first cover in Photoshop I was drew panties, since in 2005 censorship prevented the naked hip. In 2012, shooting in Mexico, no panties, too, but this has not saddened anyone.

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And you are sad of paparazzi?

No, I'm used to them. True, on this shooting I was embarrassed to stand naked in front of four men from the film crew. But then I relaxed. Apparently, I remembered how twenty years in the "Dom-2" show I was constantly watched. At the same time in real life, I'm so antisocial and closed that no paparazzi will get to me.

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So you have an apartment with curtains?

Good question! The only room without curtains in my loft is the living room, where there is a lot of piquant. Simply curtains in style do not fit there. On the contrary, there are three houses. I remember how in my childhood I looked at my neighbors through binoculars. And if the Soviet binoculars gave good visibility, then for sure modern binoculars are even more progressive. But it does not bother me. I'm sure I bring happiness to those who are watching me, especially when my child leaves for his father for the weekend.

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And what did you want to see with binoculars in your childhood?

I was interested in the life of tenants. And to my childish regret, I have never seen a naked man. At us in Tyumen nobody was naked at home naked - apparently, it was cold.

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Is it true that my parents wanted to call you Vadim?

Yes, because in those years there was no ultrasound. And while my mother was pregnant, I was called Vadim, since I behaved in the stomach rather temperamentally. I think that Vadim has a little left in me: for example, I drive very well. When I got in behind the wheel ten years ago, I was christened as a real motorist with twenty years of experience. I can turn on the coin! And this is a man's trait. When I severely pruned on the road, non-Russian people from Gelendvagen came out to block the road. And then in front of them is a deeply pregnant girl in the ninth month, and they were speechless.

Do you pay big fines?

I have huge monthly packs of fines for excess.

What do you do for fines?

In 2012, my fee for conducting a "Vacation in Mexico" was seven million rubles. And this was just the beginning. Of course, Instagram brings money, plus I'm the face of different brands of clothes, recently starred for a casino. And she started with the fact that she worked as a journalist of the Tyumen News at the age of twelve. Its first fee spent on bagels with poppy seeds and a couple of glossy magazines.

Glossy magazines now write about Olga Buzovaya, with whom you started in "Dom-2". What do you feel about her: envy, indifference or good feelings?

With Olya we are on good terms. She, like me, made herself! A woman who earns her own big money, a priori, is worthy of respect. Although evil girls are haunted by girls who do not meet with ugly elderly rich men, but they go their own way and know how to monetize themselves. I've never sat idle. She worked as a crime journalist for four years: she shot down accidents, fires, murders, communicated with criminals and the prosecutor's office.

When we were doing a story about people who boiled in the heating main, lying there for four months, my operators were sick after the camera, even though they were in respirators. And I came from the last couple, and I did not care at all, I just wanted to do good stuff. I'm stress-resistant. I would still be engaged in criminal journalism, if something like "Road patrol" appeared in Moscow. I like investigations, it's interesting to understand the psychology of maniacs.

Can you name the most striking arguments of the killers?

They have no reasons. These are sick people. I signed into the Instagram for accounts that tell about serial killers. I remember that I happened to see my parents at home ...

... a video tape "9 ½ weeks"?

No, a thick book about maniacs. I was impressed by the story of Chikatilo, and I wondered why people do it ... Of course I hate them all.

And you pursued a maniac?

Once, on the way from the university, a strange peasant was following me with stupid questions. And although I was only seventeen, I realized that he was unwell, that my wrong answer could provoke him to aggression. And then I began to babble: I began to ask questions to which he was not ready. The man got off, and I quickly ran to the house. Even on the Internet, people wrote with a sick imagination: they drove as if we had a relationship. But I do not react to such people. As a rule, those who write a lot are safe. Dangerous people act immediately, and do not arrange foreplay.

Do you like foreplay in sex?

I do not like, it's unnecessary things. I'm very quickly getting started and accelerating, like my sports "Porsche". You can get a huge pleasure for a minute in the elevator, while you climb to the twelfth floor. I know what I'm talking about.

With your experience, could you be acting in porn?

By the way, for some reason they never called. Of course, I would not agree - but what kind of injustice?

Do you often watch paid channels in hotels?

In hotels I prefer to practice porn, not watch. By the way, people who often watch pornography are blown away by the possibilities of their imagination. But my husband and I are fine with imagination, and I always get exhausted when he flies for a few days on tour.

Is he a drummer?

He is a well-known musician in Europe and America.

How many years have you known the joy of sex?

At eighteen. I met the first guy for three years. The first sex did not understand. And I have not yet met a single woman who would have liked him. And since we touched on the topic of the first (the first guy, the first sex), I want to point out that on February 1 I'm starting to go crazy: I find insane inspiration and a desire to fall in love. Wildly sexy mood! For me, the beginning of spring is February.

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