Megan Fox
Maxim - At the upcoming "Oscar" actress probably will receive a statuette in the nomination "For achievements in the field of candid photoshoots."

All last year, Megan Fox dedicated a noble goal - promoting her own underwear brand Frederics Hollywood. And although we were desperately bored at times when Megan was still in the movies, her photo shoots in underwear were at least partly able to disperse our melancholy.

And so, with the coming of the new year Megan, obviously, decided that you should not sit idly by and on the threshold of February 14 - You Know What a holiday, and laid out a new photo session in seductive underwear sets.

Megan Fox
We did not fully understand who Megan is addressing - whether to men with an appeal to give their girls all these things, or to the girls themselves, so that they immediately put on this underwear. In any case, we like the train of thought of Megan Fox. 

Megan said of the underwear: "I think being sexy and comfortable in your body in a wonderful thing, and I don't mind being acknowledged or appreciated for it."

The line starts from (£20) $26.50.

The pics were first posted last year, but she gave fans another eyeful as they look to hit the shelves.

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