Some Photos Wonder Woman Gal Gadot You Have Not Seen She lived a busy life even before she became a star
Gal Gadot

Maxim - No, this is not erotic photos. And no photos on my head. And not on an elephant. Everything is much more serious.

Text: Maxim Rafstein

The fact is that Gal Gadot lived a busy life even before she became a Wonder Woman. And even before she won the title of Miss Israel and went to the Miss World contest. And this busy life included, among other things, service in the Israeli army. (Yes, if you suddenly did not know, in Israel, the compulsory army service applies to both men and women.)

Gal Gadot

Service in the army, according to the very same Gal, helped her in her acting career. Directors were happy to take on roles in action movies, not just a beauty, but a beauty who does not scream with fright at the sight of the machine, but easily and with ease consults with him. Actually, considering these circumstances, the fact that Gal played the role of the militant Wonder Woman is also not surprising.

Gal Gadot

By the way, back in 2017, American MAXIM included Gal in his selection of hot Israeli servicemen. Apparently, it was already realized that this brave girl was waiting for a brilliant career. (Maxim Russia)

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