Gogol: The Beginning (Gogol. Nachalo) (2017)

MAXIM - Julia Franz in the magic photo shoot

In the movie about Sherlock Menshikov and Doctor Gogol, she acted in such demonic roles that we decided to take Julia as an earthly and lively girl. And we did not succeed!

Interview: Sergey Rybik
Photo: Roma Petrovski
Style: Irina Volkova

Julia, congratulations on the debut in MAXIM!

Oh thank you! You know, the first half hour on the set I was terribly worried: this is my first experience of a frank photo shoot. And then I was tired of worrying, I drank a glass of wine and relaxed.

Great news! So wine always relaxes you?

Early rejoice. Unfortunately many men, alcohol does not relax me to such an extent that I run into unconsciousness. I always remember everything.

In vain. Interestingly, but you ask a passport when buying alcohol? You have a young face.

They ask, so the passport is always with me. I'm twenty-eight, and what is mistaken for an eighteen-year-old, of course, is flattering.

As I understand it, you did not have one that you went to a bar in Moscow, and after courage woke up in Tbilisi?

No, it was not. It's boring, right? But I can smell and sober. My childhood is hot in Tajikistan.

What was sunny Tajikistan like?

Civil War. We lived in the center of Dushanbe, near the TV tower where my mother worked, and I remember how the opposition captured the tower. We lived hard, I begged, because for two years we were really starving. Our family had to flee the country, leaving the apartment with all the contents. But there are bright memories. Huge cauldrons with pilaf right in the middle of the apartments. Children with whom I spoke freely in Tajik, invited to visit me, and we dined together ... When we were in Lipetsk, we automatically became refugees, so we had to fight. So I do not give myself offense.

As you know, Lipetsk is famous for the Plekhanov House Museum and the monument to Peter, the Arctic researcher Papanin was born there. How did you find the strength to trade Lipetsk for Moscow?

I studied financially and economically, and then spontaneously went to Moscow to enter the theater. But I'm not a very good financier.

That is, you are hard to give the phrase "My filming day is worth a hundred thousand rubles"? Are you beginning to worry and stutter?

Thank God, I have a director, since I do not know how to negotiate for money. I'm always inconvenient to demand the amount. At the same time I'm not wasteful, I try to put it aside. The profession is dangerous: you never know exactly whether the next role will be.

And on what do you spend your fees?

I bought the car myself. Has earned! However, in the repair it gave - drove into a girl. Rather, the girl caught up with the car. The first accident for many years. I hope the accident did not happen because you were distracted by the phone. By the way, are you independent? I have 120 thousand subscribers. But I'm not particularly engaged in "Instagram" and certainly do not make money on it. Feed me only shooting. Here is April 5, "Gogol. Viy "- the second part of the trilogy. Yes, I know the actor's belief: if you play death, your own death will be premature. But I quietly played a mavka - a witch in fact. And I went to the coffin without fear - it was quite cold, and I wanted to take pictures as soon as possible. If they closed me with a lid and put it in the ground, then perhaps I would be pricked up.

Photo from the coffin laid out in the Instagram?

Haha, did not even think about it. Incidentally, I believe in the afterlife. I do not know if it's appropriate to tell ... My mother has a gift, tested for years: she dreams prophetic dreams. Warning dreams. One day she said that I would lose a friend. And it happened, although nothing foretold troubles. Then my mother said when my grandmother would surely die ...

That's enough! Do you go to a psychologist?

I did not go, but I would. There is a desire to find harmony in the same communication with men. I need to become soft and gentle. After all, this, in theory, was conceived by a woman.

Soft and gentle, you say? And you were offered to act in erotica?

Nope. But if the exposure is justified, then I will take it easy.

If the script says that you stand naked in the middle of a deli, is it justified?

Not really. Just staring naked is not interesting. Moreover, the bed scenes themselves are rather awkward.

Do not the subject "bed scenes" be taught in theater universities?

We were not taught this in Shchepkinsky School. Like working on the camera. This education is calculated for the theater. In the play "The Brothers Karamazov" I played Grushenka, who has a love scene with Mitya. But this is not erotic, of course. In general, minus, of course, that students are not taught to work in films.

How do you find good roles?

During my studies, my friends and I often covered the thresholds of Mosfilm. They carried their photos, asked us to pay attention to them. But there are a lot of actors, the competition is huge ... So I got a director. Now he sends my photos, and I'm invited to try.

Let's simplify the situation. It's no secret that MAXIM is the desktop journal of the Union of Cinematographers. Turn to any director, draw attention! 

Firstly, I'm not used to begging anything. And secondly, begging in some shorts is even more difficult. Nevertheless, I want to play an eastern woman. I have Tajik and Ossetian roots, and I'm always drawn to oriental topics. And besides, I dream of acting in an action movie. Trite, of course, but we have few such films. I want to shoot in the shot! By the way, I regularly go to the shooting gallery, where the shooting is fighting, and I'm good at it.

And who are you shooting at? In bank debtors?

Competitors shoot back, ha ha!

A good sense of humor! So, April 1st is your professional holiday?

On the one hand, I'm trusting, it's easy for me to breed. Periodically they call from unknown numbers, assign meetings for work. And in the end it turns out that not for work. On the other hand, I played a whole year in the new Univer season, which will be released in April. And we had every shooting day on the First of April, because all the actors are as witty as possible. I starred in the main role of a new student - bitchy, arrogant, with a character.

Well, then prepare yourself for the loving messages in the directorate!

You know, I can comment on my photos, but I'm totally cold about dating. Fall in love with sotsseti will not work. And even if the guy writes "I like you" without mistakes, he still does not roll. I get a live chat. (Maxim Russia)

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