Rather, cancel your tickets to Tyumen!

MAXIM - When choosing a place for future vacations, we take into account many factors: weather, cuisine, attractions and others. If none of them includes "help the mother-in-law to dig up the garden" and you are going on vacation with your bachelor friends, then why not diversify all inclusive with a small romantic adventure?

And then the research of Lazeeva, the manufacturer of porn applications for the smartphone comes to the rescue. It is dedicated to which cities in the world are the most sexual. Or, in the language of the study, "the most sexually positive in terms of having or encouraging an open, tolerant or progressive attitude toward sex and sexuality."

The result of the study was a rating from 100 cities of the world, the most attractive in terms of a number of factors: sexual activity of residents (this includes information on attitudes toward sexual experiments), consumption of toys for sex, pornographic materials, entertainment for adults, access to contraception, tolerance for LGBT people and gender equality.

"Thus," boast in Lazeeva, "all aspects of human sexuality were covered, and in each city a mathematical equation was used to quantify the results." As a result, the study involved more than 450,000 adults aged 18 to 70 years. These data were combined with information from reports prepared by the health departments in each country, UN-WHO and the World Bank, and related to sexual health.

To calculate the number of entertainment "for adults", researchers took the total number of nightclubs in the city, added to it specialized clubs "for adults" (if any) and divided by the number of residents. Lazeeva also used internal data to calculate the number of pornographic content viewed by residents.

To calculate the most favorable for the LGBT city, the data of charitable organizations and organizations financed by LGBT were studied. "Access to contraception" and the "Gender Equality" rating were calculated using studies conducted by the UN.

Because, we want to say, the guys are not lazy!

And here is the list that they got!

  • Paris
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • London
  • Los Angeles
  • Berlin
  • New York
  • São Paulo
  • Las Vegas
  • Ibiza
  • Amsterdam
Not a single city in Russia was included in this list. But do not despair, we have an Interactive map of Russia "In which city the largest number of single girls live"! (Maxim Russia)

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