MAXIM - So pick up the cigarette butt and tuck your shirt in your pants.

It seems that the myth of the popularity of bad guys could not stand the test of statistics.

Scientists from Canadian universities - Guelph and Nipissing (to be honest, the names more closely resemble the habitats of elves) - found that good people have a brighter and more saturated sexual life. By "good people" in this case, people are implicitly disinterested.

To this conclusion, scientists came, interviewing 800 people of both sexes. Everyone who participated in the survey not only laid out the details of his sexual life, but also told how often he does charity: makes financial donations, donates blood and performs other noble deeds.

It turned out that the more active a man is engaged in charity, the more active his personal and sexual life! But for women, the correlation was not so obvious.

Another study, in which 500 college students attended, confirmed the results of the first. The survey participants were asked the question: "If you won $ 100, how will you deal with them - spend everything on yourself, give some money for charity or give the whole amount to charity?" Of course, even before asking a question, the scientists learned the details of sexual life students (oh, these scientists!).

It turned out that the most disinterested students - those who will give either part of the amount or all 100 dollars - have much more intense sexual and personal life. (But for the unselfish students there are 100 dollars more!)

In general, in the best traditions of charity, we decided to share this information with you. You know what to do with it, our unselfish reader. (Maxim Russia)

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