"Factory" (Ira, Sasha, Sati)

MAXIM - Today is the birthday of the talented and elegant Irina Toneva from the group "Fabrika". We celebrate as we can, with photos!

"Factory" works day and night, two, or even three shifts. And if they took the time to pose for you - then you are the best person on this planet.

For a long time I dream to ask: who writes lyrics and music to you?

Sasha. In general, Igor Matvienko is the author of most of the songs. But sometimes we compose with Ira.
Ira. The most fruitful in our Sasha. At me it happens less often.
Sasha. I wrote the song "Oh, Mom, I fell in love" in the creative tandem with Igor, and the second song - "I got sick with you". There's music and words are mine.
Ira. And I composed the song "Not seriously". I was inspired by unrequited love.

And what is necessary for creativity and inspiration?

Ira. You need to feel that the skin is tearing at the seams and you want to splash out. This usually happens suddenly. And even Matvienko can not do it on request.

In my opinion, what he does turns out, every year, marks "Silver Rain" with silver galoshes for plagiarism.

Sati. Well ... On this topic Red from "Ivanushki" said well: "We are told - plagiarism, and we say - the tradition." In general, we sometimes try to hint to Igor: "And-and-and-Ihor! But this song is very similar to the one-to-u-u ... "And here it is" there-par-raarram "there is exactly the same. Maybe somehow try it? "I'm sure that for real creativity, suffering is necessary. Talent must be hungry. Something must be missed. And when you have everything zashibis, you are rich, successful and in love, there creativity is simply nowhere to be born.

Oh, how! You seem to have exposed the main problem of domestic show business. So, maybe just ask the producer not to pay you, the guys convince you to quit - and then you will write the best disc in the history of mankind?

Sasha. No, it's too cruel. There must be a compromise after all. And then, last year I did it well. And final exams, and violent love, and even more turbulent tour activities. And the inspiration was.
Sati. But the girl exhausted, all the time crying, worried ...
Sasha. There was no such thing!

What do you notice first when you see a man?

Ira. On the eyes, strange as it may seem. Expression and reflection of what is inside. Degree of sincerity.
Sati. And I do not know what. It happens that from him just such an impulse goes, that he knockes himself off his feet. But the components of this impulse, I so do not call it.

A major condition can replace this impulse?

Sati. Of course not. We meet many rich people, but no one will tolerate someone's rudeness, bad manners and ugliness of the soul because there is a lot of money behind this soul.
Ira. I do not want to say that money spoils everyone. No. A person five - seven out of a hundred remain completely normal.
Sati. I would say one of a hundred.

For how much money would you be able to kiss a complete stranger?

Sasha. For real? Great question ...
Sati. I'm lost. And how to kiss? On the lips? Deep?
Ira. And is he cute?
Sati. No. Probably not for any.
Ira. No. Absolutely not.
Sasha. There is no such amount, I think.

And if he wants to kiss his hand?

Sati. You can kiss your hand for free. And all the rest - only for love. Conquer the heart, and then do anything.
Sasha. That's it. And then you alone are interested in the amount! And romance - no.

Do any of you sleep with soft toys?

Sati. I do not sleep with my own people. Although, if I have something hurts or just bad, I take to myself a plush dog.
Ira. I slept with a yellow dog when I was a child. She was the only gentle creature that I liked to embrace.
Sasha. I also have a few toys, but I like something more alive.

Well, let's talk about the living. Does popularity hinder or help you make partners? Still, tens of thousands of people come to concerts - is there more choice?

Sati. Well, before it all started, I had a much more turbulent personal life. It's not a matter of thousands, because you only need one. And now so frantic a schedule ... And how do we get acquainted? Looking for him from the stage? Well, very rarely after the concerts there are some kind of banquets or afterparty, but this is rare. Sometimes they try to send notes in bouquets, but I throw them away.
Sasha. If a man wants, he will gnaw the globe, but you will get. Before "Factory" I also had a lot of fans, but I'm very demanding. It's hard for me to please. Now, by the way, it's even more difficult: you do not understand why you are acquainted - because you are from the "Factory" group, or because you are just Sasha. But I still hope and believe that I will meet my soul mate.
Ira. But nothing has changed with me. And before the "Factory" I met people and thought that here he is, the same one. Then I realized that I did not, it was not like that. And so on.

And at least one fan of the creativity of the "Factory" has become your boyfriend?

Ira. It is unlikely that serious men have fans of our creativity. It's still more listen to girls, more experienced.
Sati. And the men who can interest us, probably, listen to Nina Simon. That's only her fans can be personally interesting to me.

If you suddenly formed one completely free from the concert day, on which you would spend it?

Sati. I would go straight from the morning to the beauty salon. I really like to spend time in the salon. I enjoy working with different masters of my work. The same massage, manicure and all the rest. After that, I would quickly rushed through a couple of boutiques, and you can give the evening to a loved one.
Sasha. And I would go to the institute in the morning. Then I would eat at home or in a cafe, and then try to write something. In the evening, you can already go to a massage parlor or a boutique.
Ira. And I would spend the whole day with my loved one. If I had such a person and such a day. Maybe in nature.

Thank you for your sincerity, but at the end of the interview there must certainly be something fun. Do you have any funny stories to say goodbye?

Ira. This is about how someone from the scene falls?
Sasha. Sati has been falling several times, by the way. I just slipped on the stage.
Sati. And for some reason the newspapers wrote that I was without panties. At them if someone has fallen, it is obligatory without cowards. And it is believed that I do it just like that. Can, really try somehow?

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