Tatiana Kotova

MAXIM - Tatiana Kotova hid in Spain, thinking that our lenses will not reach there. Naive! If we love anybody, then there is no salvation.

Tatiana, you recently returned from Marbella. What did you do there?

I madly love Spain! But this time I went not just to rest - I was in a detox clinic.

Why such a beautiful detox girl? You're perfect.

To start running and eat right again. Detox is a restart, and I spend it every year.

Visitors to the clinic were certainly delighted with your jogging. And where can you meet domestic fans of the race?

I'm just going to start running around Moscow. Today Google, on which quays can be recharged from jogs.

I recommend Luzhnetskaya. I just run there in the mornings, every Tuesday and Thursday. Write it down.

No, thank you. I have dances on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

By the way, about dances. In your "Instagram" @kottova there are a lot of videos on which you dance with the girls from your ballet. All these stunning movements on his heels ... Are not you afraid to break anything?

In all my life I have not yet broken a single heel. I have been dancing since my childhood, the first dance with which I entered the stage is the Lambada. In the video, we are preparing for my show. There are many different interesting receivers, so girls who are fond of dancing, these videos can be interesting. At us concerts as a holiday, as a carnival - it would be desirable to have fun round the clock.

Spain, Lambada, also a new song called "Adios".

Yes, yes, yes, it's funny. It seems that in a past life I was a Spanish dancer.

Have you ever had anything with a Spaniard?

Never. For now, at least. Although I'm going to fly to Colombia, but I'm not sure that I will have time to evaluate the Colombians, I'm going after other impressions.

The song "Adios" is based on real events?

Each of my songs is based on real events, only they are from the future. For example, I recorded "Adios", I was still in a relationship. And then the song came out and in a strange way ... Well, you understand.

So now you're free?

Yes, my heart is free, but it does not mean that it is open to everyone.

As our readers, given your employment, competition from the Spaniards and other Colombians, to get your attention?

First you can send a huge bouquet of peonies. Here in Spain a bouquet was brought to me, and I thought it was from someone local. And there was a note: "From Moscow with Love". I never found out from whom he was. But the whole directive and comments finally in the "Instagram" re-read.

The world embraced the scandalous trend of accusations of everyone and everything in harassment. Have you yourself ever harassed anyone?

No. Probably, because I often take a blow at myself. But if I do not see reciprocity, I'll step aside.

And can this be?

Once. That man was not free, and I knew that someone's heart would be broken. And why should I? On the other hand, as a creative person, I need a whole range of emotions. Probably, that's why I sometimes sing songs to him. It's a pity he does not know about it.

Poor thing. And how do you cope with especially annoying fans?

I do not pay attention. If everyone takes it to heart, you can easily go crazy. However, it happens in many ways. Here in the New Year, for example, I received a call a minute after midnight - it turned out that the courier brought a gift. And do not ask what was there: I will never say.

Maybe it's time to change such a dangerous activity? You've already starred in movies and TV shows ...

I am always open to cooperation. And on the mail often come proposals to do a movie, but they do not correspond to what I would like to do. Most often they are related to my external data. I'm waiting for a proposal that will interest me.

And what would you like?

To be filmed in a real drama or high-quality comedy.

We are read by filmmakers and screenwriters - there is not much time left to wait. Tanya, it's been three years since our last shooting ...

Unfortunately yes.

Why "Unfortunately?

I really like to be photographed for MAXIM. It should be more often. Your glavred knows this, but pretends that he does not know. We'll give him!

(Maxim Russia)

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