Usually we shoot actresses, but this time we decided to shoot the one who shoots actresses himself - the director! Yes, yes, Xenia Zueva herself makes the movie as a screenwriter, director and producer. The photographer for the first time in his life was afraid.

Interview: Rybik
Photo: Roman Gorchakov
Style: Catherine Troshko

How do strangers react when they find out that you are a director? Usually the director is a tough man, bald, with a mustache, or Kim Ki-Duk.

Calmly react. Especially not faced with some kind of inspired or surprised reactions. A bald spot and a mustache are stereotypes. We live in a time when the appearance often contradicts the profession or the inner content of a person. A man can be in a tattoo and a mod, but at the same time have a professorship. And in Cannes, I met a gentle Belgian, like an angel, who removes hyper-hard movies on scary topics.

What did you do in Cannes?

I went with the short film "14 steps", in which she played the main role. My first education is acting. In Cannes, it's beautiful: bright parties, cool pictures, unique people ... I want to strive there.

Interestingly, did you look at the Cannes porn festival?

No, but maybe someday it will be interesting to visit there. For example, I love Nympho. This is the coolest movie about sex. About sexogolism - the same pathology as gambling, drug addiction or alcoholism.

Do you suffer from any of the above?

No, thank God. My main defect is impulsiveness. If I'm angry, I can smash everything!

So you're a psycho?

No. I react purely on business. As a rule, injustice. Or stupidity. On the set, I can smash my colleagues if they do. The technical group is all men. I treat them with respect, but I do not accept it when they argue with me and present me. I immediately replied: "Irreplaceable no!" In this case, our disputes should not hear the actors. With artists, I appeal differently, these are fragile organisms. And even if they need to be brought to the frame in a hard condition, I do it gently, without raising my voice.

And to what did you bring the actors?

In my last short film "Twinkling" there are several bed scenes. To make the scenes organic, we had to get the actors to do a nehly petting so that the camera could catch real sexual energy. Before that, everything was very modest and in general there was a kindergarten. But it turned out as a result abruptly. And it would be necessary - generally forced to have sex.

At one time, Francis Ford Coppola and George Clooney laid down their own homes for the sake of filming their films. Are you ready to make such sacrifices?

I'm against extremes. It is necessary to act sensibly. Let's say that if you require an out-of-budget budget, which is not, you can cut it three-fold. And I did not plan to mortgage the house, to sell the kidney.

By the way, where can I see your pictures? Is this a festival movie or a movie at the box office?
The movie "Close" had a rental in the winter, and now it is watched in iTunes and on torrents. 

Honestly, I deliberately did not read reviews about "Close" on the Internet, because I heard a lot of aggressive feedback. My film is not a tender lavstory, but a tragic reality: in the family everybody hate each other and come to their senses only after an unexpected death, which they themselves allowed. It's nice when they say: "Damn, this is catharsis! I'll go with my mother and grandmother to hug, they did not call them for a year. Thank you, I understood everything! "

I hope this is not an autobiographical picture?

This is a fantasy with elements of autobiography. Teenage stories are taken from my youth. I was an ugly duckling with pierced lips, nostrils, hostile attitude, misunderstanding in a new school and fights with girls. It's unpleasant to remember.

you will listen to yourself - and a severe picture of life looms. And can you wear a short skirt or behave lightly not only on the set of MAXIM?

Haha of course! Harsh realities only in my paintings, but in general I am primarily a mother. And I cultivate the image of a gentle girl, I feel comfortable in it. (Maxim Russia)

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