Ekaterina Volkova

No offscreen laughter and clothes! ... Who is she? The actress, who played in a dozen excellent performances, or an actress who played in fifty films and serials? Read carefully - and you will understand.

Interview: Igor Cher-skiy
Photo: Mikhail Korolev
Style: Irina Volkova

You played more than a hundred different roles. Which one did you like and remember the most?

It's very difficult to say from the start. But, naturally, the one that gave me fame is in Voronin's. And to what I would like to return - at the moment it is "Reflections", where the major of militia played. A more rigid, more collected person than a soft, kind mother.

So, you like being a police major? Is it more like your character? Or, on the contrary, you have a soft character, so you want to play harder?

I am a militia major closer than a kind, fluffy mother, because in life I am a more collected and even harsh person. And in the series I created the image of a soft, kind, loving wife who gives Kostya a thousand indulgences.

This screen husband in the "Voronin".

Katya, we have one small problem. You speak as if the TV series "Voronin" were watching everything. But the audience of the magazine MAXIM does not watch all the series, to put it mildly. That is, beautiful girls like, but all the series can not master - there are many of them! Therefore, I will have such questions. This is a series where there are five daughters? Lasts already how many episodes?

Two hundred and ten series. Will continue to continue.

Clear. And now tell me the latest news from the series. What's happening to you there?

Finally, Lenya married. This is an older brother who did not have a personal life.

Perfectly. Simply amazing. Then everything, the series can be finished? Where will you find the stories for another two hundred episodes?

Sixty episodes are the maximum we'll take. But this is already our writers, along with Sony Pictures, American colleagues, write the series, in any case it did not differ from the American version. But we will add our characters, invent something. They say that it is already written, and it turns out to be very cheerful.

And you are allowed to kill actors?

No no. Fortunately, no, because this series is already filmed in America, and we can not depart from the history that they have. But since the series is family and kind, we can not kill anyone there.

Do people in the street get you so much with their love?

We, when we go into this profession, achieve something, we want recognition. When it appears, it's first euphoria, but then you get tired. Now more often children learn when I walk with a stroller in the morning near the school. Sometimes classes are lined up for autographs. That's a little bit tiring.

With my personal life, I understand that everything is boring: husband, children ...

Maybe it's boring for you, but for me it's great and fun! More valuable family at the moment for me there is nothing. I have already gone for a walk out of my wild life, got married, gave birth to a daughter, and everything revolves around this.

In the photos that come across on the Internet, you're a blonde then a brunette. But who really is?

I'm a brunette. But she was both a blonde and a redhead. Each time it was repainted for projects. The color of hair changes - the character also changes. Blonde, I was soft, gentle, affectionate. When the red - more bitchy, tricky. A brunette - calm, reasonable. When I became a brunette, my life became exhausted.

That is, if the wife yells, then, most likely, she is red-haired and needs to be repainted?

My husband does not like blondes. I had a period when I asked: "Andrew, please, can I be repainted in a blonde? I want so much! "He says to me:" You can paint yourself in any color, but I can not stand blondes. "

I with it in this very solidarity, we here coincide. In addition to the series and family life, what other joys are there in your life?

I am engaged in fitness, I play in the Theater actor. I also presenter on the TV Center channel, in the program "For a long time no see". It leaves on Saturdays at 19.30. Directors, producers, sometimes businessmen, and politicians come to us. We communicate with them on various pleasant topics. Such domestic, warm. Sometimes we pull out from the guests something tricky, entertaining and interesting.

I really want to draw from politicians something tricky, cunning and interesting. About when we will have any changes.

Well, I do not know, we do not talk on such topics. We talk more with politicians about personal matters, about the family, about children, about some stories that happened to them in childhood. The transfer is kind, evening, positive. Without intrigue and scandals.

Do you somehow react to the situation in the country or do you have a different life and you are not up to it?

I have a different life, I do not care. But as a normal, sensible person, I'm worried about what is happening in our country. This is my life, and the life of my child. I want to get better. But this is impossible. In our country, it seems to me, this will never happen. We will always live like a powder keg.

Then back to the fictional world. "Is the Alibi agency a serial?

Yes, I played the hostess of the agency, I had three assistants, and each time a new person came to us: "Help, I need an alibi!"

And what was the Kolyma pelmen?

Forgive me, what?

Here it is written that the second series is called "Kolyma pelmen".

We had a hundred or so, I do not even remember. It was filmed many years ago.

So, the "Sapper Error" does not tell you anything? And the Ensign on the carousel?

We shoot quickly, in a non-stop mode, so I do not remember the names of the series and what they are about. Just like sometimes I do not remember in Voronin's that we're shooting.

And you are helped by serial solutions to solve problems in real life?

Maybe at some point, yes. There were a couple of times when something was happening at home, I came to the set, I was given a script - and it was the same situation that happened in the morning. And, coming home, I already look at this with humor and do not get obsessed at all.

Can you give an example?

My husband throws a cotton swab. In his ears he picks, well, like. It shakes me, I find them everywhere: in bed, in my car. I come to the set - and Kostya has the same situation!

In the series for sure the problem is solved?

We decided. Faith raspsihovalas, said that more of this was not. But I'm sure that everything will continue: it's impossible to fix this.

And the last. Wish for something to our readers.

I want to wish men that they look at their wives as coveted as they look at photographs that are in magazines. Because it's a very big work for a woman, I know by myself - to be always welcome for my husband so that he looks at you like the first time. I really want every man to look at his chosen one for all the years that they are together, not just the first six months.

Thank you, they will try. And you happiness! (Maxim Russia)

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