MAXIM - Rare pictures of a Hollywood star before she became a Hollywood star. Despite the fact that Angelina was born in an acting family and her professional fate was, one might say, predetermined, she did not shy away from other professions related to acting. For example, model.

So, in 1993, the future Hollywood star took part in a fashion photo shoot for the little-known British magazine Look. However, Angelina herself was little known - the editors even made a mistake and wrote her name with j instead of g. (Yes, we do not see the difference, but for English-speaking people it is fundamental.)

Photos were long considered lost (although, rather, no one was looking for them) and attracted public attention only after they were accidentally discovered in 2015. At a photo shoot called Honeychild, Angelina poses on the seashore in nostalgic (for us modern) mods from the 1990s.

We hasten to share photos of the young actress with you! Well, okay, we agree, we’re not in a hurry if the pictures were discovered back in 2015 ... But what about Angelina Jolie? Looking at her is always a pleasure, regardless of the year outside the window or the age of the photo shoot.

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