MAXIM - Happy birthday to Emily and we wish her to post even more sexy photos on Instagram!

On June 7, Emily Ratajkovsky, a model, actress and activist, celebrates her birthday (this is what she says on Instagram). As a model, Emily is often shot for underwear advertising campaigns, and we are very grateful to her for this. 

As an activist, she advocates for gender equality and, in particular, for the right of women and to demonstrate their without condemning others. And, more importantly, Emily confirms her words with a deed: last year there was even an exhibition of her photos, and the year before. And this probably will pass.

We cannot imagine a person who, being in a sober memory and at least to some degree of sound mind, could condemn Emily for her appeal.

As for the acting career of Emily, she starred in the videos of several musicians, and in one even topless. She even managed to get into Dima Bilan's video “Indivisible”. Of course, you can find it on YouTube, but we still recommend admiring Emily on her Instagram. Moreover, we have already selected the hottest photos.

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