MAXIM - It seems that even your years playing poker won't help you.

Sad news from the fields of science! According to a study published in the Royal Society Open Science, you can easily figure out a cheater by looking at his face. And, even sadder, this only applies to men.

The experiment involved 1516 adults (61% of them were men). During the study, participants were shown photographs of men and women of the same race as they were and asked the same question: "How likely is this man / this woman to be unfaithful." Answers ranged from "Unlikely" to "Most likely."

All people who agreed to submit their pictures for the experiment were cheating. Moreover, the authors of the study emphasize that it could be a classic betrayal, that is, having sex with a stranger, while being in an exclusive relationship (just in case, we will explain that this is sometimes called monogamous relationships - ed.). Or the situation, which the authors of the experiment call "poaching", that is, having sex with a person about whom you know for sure that he is in a relationship.

It turned out that most of the men and women can easily identify male cheaters just by looking at their faces in the photo. However, neither men nor women were able to recognize deceivers among women.

The study authors suggested that this ability developed over the course of evolution to reduce the likelihood of having an affair with the wrong partner. The authors, however, have not yet figured out why this applies exclusively to male physiognomy.

The study authors also state that since the experiment was conducted exclusively among white cisgender men and women, then perhaps the conclusions can only be applied to this group. But in any case, the authors note that even if the ability to determine the propensity to cheat in appearance does exist, then it is rather limited. (Maxim)

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