MAXIM - It will certainly help to cope with many diseases. But the world will never be the same.

When Apple first built a fingerprint sensor into the iPhone, the conspiracy theorists immediately began to say that governments are thus collecting the world's largest fingerprint database. When Apple built in the FaceID sensor, the conspiracy theorists said that fingerprints were collected, now you can collect casts of faces to find any person anywhere in the world under surveillance cameras.

What's next? So that conspiracy theorists do not get bored, scientists from Stanford University announced the creation of a smart toilet. According to the researchers, the concept has been in development for 15 years.

The authors compare their invention with a smart watch. A smart toilet should be an important health care partner for every person. He will have to make a quick analysis of human excrement. The list of diseases that can be diagnosed is not at all small: from infections and fungi to worms, cancer of the genitourinary system and kidney failure. For several months, the toilet was tested by 21 people. As for psychological comfort, technology adherents said that using such a toilet bowl not only does not repel, but also adds confidence that it will be possible to diagnose a serious disease at an early stage.

But there is a caveat: usually in the house there are several users of the toilet and they must somehow be distinguished. Identification by chemical composition is too complicated, by weight - unreliable. And the choice fell on periodic photographing. However, it is better not to even think about what the camera looking from the toilet will see.

Scientists say that a smart toilet at an early stage of development and before the appearance of a commercial design for a few more years. But we are ready to wait as long as you want to realize one of the most important jokes in the field of high technology.

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