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MAXIM - The mode of self-isolation and remote work in connection with COVID-19 has forced thousands of companies around the world to establish communication between employees through video communication services. One of the most popular was ZOOM, which, however, quickly learned to deceive and create their own fake presence at meetings or studies. Now Telegram is thinking about group video calls.

The current global lockdown has stressed the need for a reliable video calling tool. Video calls in 2020 are very similar to messaging in 2013. There are applications that are either safe or usable, but not both. We would like to fix this, and we will focus on providing you secure group video calls in 2020. When they will be ready? You will be the first to know when we are done.

The company's blog, among other announcements, says that in 2020 Telegram will focus on secure group video chats, although the exact release dates are not called.

As for the safety of the same Zoom, doubts are not only in the company of Pavel Durov. When employees of various companies began to use the service on a massive scale, several countries banned its use, as it later turned out to be unreasonably afraid of leaks or data transfer to third parties.

For developers, the service opens up wide scope for life hacks. For example, this programmer created a neural network that can instead communicate at conferences, moreover, fully, with video. So now there is always a reason to suspect: do you really communicate via video link with a living person.

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