Batman Begins

MAXIM - Only the one who does nothing is not mistaken. And as more and more comic-book films are made, mistakes are growing astronomically.

So, before you is an easy and unobtrusive catalog of the biggest mistakes made by screenwriters in the so-called expanded DC Universe, which started in theaters in 2013. In addition to the DC Expanded Universe, we also decided to include Nolan's trilogy about the Dark Knight and "Joker" by Todd Phillips - without them, the list felt a gaping void.

The films are listed in chronological order. It will help to refresh the historical and biographical lines of DC superheroes. Nice side effect of the article.

Batman Begins (launched on June, 2005)

Batman Begins

In the middle of the film, Bruce Wayne has an explanatory conversation with Rachel Dawes, explaining to her what the antidote is for. And leaves two ampoules of antidote on the table, one for Gordon, the other for mass-produced pharmacists. Then he puts her to sleep. Alfred Bruce is tasked with taking Rachel home and doesn't say a word about ampoules. However, upon waking up, Rachel sees the ampoules on her nightstand. Magic.

And the very idea of ​​poisoning the Gotham water pipeline, let's say, is not a fountain. Look. The monsters have poured hallucinogenic drugs into the water supply, which will be released and poison everyone after the water in the city boils. This should not happen immediately, but in a few weeks. However, it is worth considering: if you put a kettle or a saucepan with borsch to boil, these narcotic vapors will immediately fill the entire kitchen and apartment. Many citizens of Gotham had to inhale drugs and get to hospitals long before the appointed hour X. After that, the source of infection is calculated instantly. In fact, the whole plan rests on the idea that no one in Gotham will boil water for weeks.

"The Dark Knight" (launched on August, 2008)

The Dark Knight

A person with a face as damaged as Harvey Dent is unable to speak as before, as his facial muscles are clearly damaged.

Why is one officer left alone in a cell with the Joker when Batman and Gordon urgently need to leave? I would sit quietly outside, watch over the villain - and everything would end perfectly both for him and for the city.

The Joker rushes into Harvey Dent's reception to kill him. Wayne urgently hides Dent in the closet. After that, the Joker throws Rachel Dawes out the window and ... leaves. I didn't even search the building. Why did you come at all?

As part of an ingenious plan, Joker's men secretly loaded two passenger ships with 100 barrels of fuel with a demolition device. First, it is extremely difficult to imagine how such an operation can be performed secretly and unnoticed. Secondly, when sailing, at least one of the crew had to look into the engine room. Thirdly, 100 barrels is a massive cargo, the loading of which would immediately affect the landing of the ship.

At the end of The Dark Knight, Batman becomes a fierce enemy of the Gotham authorities and is forced into hiding. Accountant Coleman Reese knows who is encrypted under the Batman disguise and is trying to tell everyone about it. So why didn't the Gotham authorities arrest Bruce Wayne? Wayne is on the loose at the start of the next movie!

The main and unshakable rule of Batman is not to kill anyone. Come on! Look how recklessly he cuts in chase scenes: under the piles of metal there are certainly more than a dozen crushed, flattened corpses.

"The Dark Knight: The Rebirth of a Legend" (launched on July 26, 2012)

The Dark Knight Rises

Is it really true that financial transactions that were carried out on the exchange at the time of its public armed seizure, someone will later consider legal?

Batman in his aircraft "The Bat" takes the superbomb outside the city, and residents see how it explodes somewhere there. The explosion, which is visually observed, is bound to cause destruction to the city, and to the coastal zone - for sure. Moreover, the numbers indicated in the film do not agree well (the range of the bomb, the timer readings, the speed of the "Bat"), according to any estimates, the bomb should explode very close to the metropolis.

The whole story of the Gotham police being locked in the sewers is one big plot hole. Who guarded all the drains, manholes and other exits? How did Gordon let the police fall into such a stupid trap? Who courted the police so that they come out of captivity shaved? The more you review it, the more questions pop up.

Bruce Wayne is a world famous tycoon with a multibillion dollar fortune. Can he really walk around Florence without being recognized by anyone? What, people don't watch TV and the Internet at all?

"Man of Steel" (launched on June 20, 2013)

Man of Steel

This is the most popular question of truly existential importance that Superman's creators have ever asked. If Superman is invulnerable to any weapon and nothing can hurt him, how can he shave and cut his hair? Indeed, in the film, he appears now bearded, now clean-shaven.

Superman and his girlfriend Lois await General Zod's arrival in the desert. They hear the explosive sound of breaking the sound barrier, after which Superman says that this is a clear sign that Zod will appear now. All this, of course, is wonderful, only since something has overcome the sound barrier, then it would have flown to them even before they heard the sound. After all, it moves faster than sound.

When a temporary portal to the Phantom Zone is created, Lois falls out of the flying ship. For some reason, all objects are rapidly flying upward, they are sucked into the singularity. And only one Lois magically falls to the ground, down.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (launched on March 24, 2016)

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

An uncorrectable error typical of this entire MCU. Batman needs to save Martha, and literally every fraction of a second counts. And yet Bruce finds time somewhere to change from a superhero costume to a civilian one.

The African massacre was all blamed on Superman. Just because they saw him there. However, it is clearly visible that the victims were killed either by bullets or by a bomb. Superman certainly won't burden himself with such a poor arsenal. And this should be clear to everyone - from the CIA to Batman.

Lois Lane seems to have some sort of journalistic superpower. She instantly finds herself anywhere in the world where she needs to be present. Even in the middle of a Batman vs. Superman battle.

Suicide Squad (launched on August, 2016)

Suicide Squad

Top-secret documents stolen from the Iranian government are stitched as usual. In fact, the pages should be attached to the spine on the right, because they are in Farsi, where the reading order is reversed.

After the scene in the bar, Captain Boomerang leaves the cursed squad completely and irrevocably. In the next scene, when we see the squad together, he is again with everyone. Explanations? What are the explanations?

The helicopter flight crew are the only ones to fly in full protective gear. At the same time, it was from the crew that for some reason no one survived the crash. Moreover, if you look closely, you can clearly see that it was the compartment where the suicide squad was sitting, and not the helicopter's cabin, that took the main blow in the accident.

Amanda Waller's planning horizon is ludicrous. Hiring a group of regular flesh and blood scum and nits to fend off the meta-humans? Even a three-year-old child understands that this plan is doomed to failure. At the same time, theoretically, Amanda has at her disposal much more powerful resources than a handful of criminals.

Wonder Woman (launched June 1, 2017)

Wonder Woman

The Amazons are an elite force that exists to keep an eye on Ares and his deeds. At the same time, none of the Amazon warriors are aware that the largest war in history is taking place on Earth.

The language question destroys any logic of the film. Okay, we can accept the fabulous statement that the Amazons are able to speak almost any language with strangers: from the film, they are allegedly gifted with such knowledge. Then why can't Diana understand the meaning of the completely ordinary word "secretary"?

If the island was carefully closed from the outside world so that even Ares could not find it, why did the Germans and Captain Steve Trevor stumble upon it so easily, well, without straining at all?

In a London alleyway, instead of Steve and Wonder Woman, six attacking German secret agents are laid on the ground. They try to interrogate one, only he immediately swallows a pill with poison. How about interrogating the remaining five? No way! Our heroes just turn and walk away.

Justice League (started on November, 2017)

Justice League

The parademons in the film are not thought out at all. They easily pissed off the Batmobile and are almost omnipotent. Only for some reason they cannot storm a flimsy house in Russia for a long time.

Parademons smell fear and immediately attack the frightened target. For some reason, this ability manifests itself only when it is convenient for the scriptwriters. For example, they did not touch Flash, who was clearly shocked to see the parademons.

Wonder Woman is able to quietly and quite quickly move wherever she needs. Only in this film does she suddenly start using a car. Even in those situations when she clearly does not need a car and even interferes.

Where did the Atlanteans end up? By teaming up with the Amazons, they could give a sickly rebuff to the enemy, that's for sure! Only shortly after the start of the film everyone forgets about them.

Aquaman (launched on December, 2018)


Submarine propellers create a large stream of bubbles and vortices as they move. In our reality, submarines are designed in such a way that this would not happen, otherwise their movement will be too noisy and noticeable. And when Aquaman lifted the sunken submarine up, she was obliged to sink again immediately, because no one freed her from the ballast! In principle, absolutely everything connected with the submarine in this movie is one huge absurdity.

The measure is capable of controlling water. When she was attacked in Sicily with Aquaman, nothing prevented Mera from blowing up the mercenary suits from the inside, because there is also water!

To rescue, Mera creates a breathable air pocket. But she creates it directly under water, that is, there can be no air in it, only a vacuum.

Without explanation, the miracle remains when Aquaman and Mera, after fleeing, change into human clothes and, in an incomprehensible way, persuade them to deliver them by plane to the Sahara for free.

The Sahara Desert is at least two million years old. So it is strange to see the phrase about the time when the Sahara had not yet become a desert, in the description of a Roman statue.

Shazam (started on April, 2019)


One of the deadly sins fights with Shazam, turning into smoke, in this form it passes through Shazam, then hardens to strike. An excellent method, I must say. Only the Sins never use it again, even when they are beaten by the Shazam family.

Escaping from the cave, Shazam grabs what he can, that is, only one of many children, and rushes forward at hyperspeed. When he stops, all the other children are also nearby.

Shazam uses super speed to rescue his sister from a fast-moving truck. In the mind, the impulse of a 100-kilogram man, who moves at an imperceptible speed for the eye, will cause much more damage to the girl's body than a multi-ton truck.

Joker (launched October, 2019)


In the scene where Arthur kills his mother, the electrocardiograph beeps as usual. Doctors know that a person dying from suffocation experiences a tachycardia attack. The device would show a dramatically increased surge in cardiac activity and thus attract nurses. It would be very difficult for Arthur to leave the premises unnoticed.

The most famous "Joker" plot hole was actively discussed in social networks and the media. The fact is that Arthur the clown suddenly climbs into the kitchen refrigerator and tightly closes the door behind him. Almost all refrigerators of this type cannot be opened from the inside. How Arthur got free is not explained. This paradox eventually gave rise to the version that the entire film after this moment is just a dream or Arthur's dying hallucination in the refrigerator.

"Birds of Prey: The Fantastic Story of Harley Quinn" (launched February, 2020)

Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

Birds of prey go about their business in Gotham with impunity and with noise, but this does not attract any attention of other influential characters of the metropolis. Where is that Batman when you need him? Even the commissioner James Gordon, devoted to the law, is huddled in a burrow and does not shine.

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