It's called the StealthHawk Pro. A military-grade micro helicopter drone, barely the size of your hand. (stealth-hawkpro)

Do you hate drones that last twenty minutes and require you to change a rotor blade at the slightest brush with a tree branch? Want a drone so reliable it's been approved to protect soldiers in the field? Do you long for the days when devices were self-contained and didn't have to depend on weird apps and your phone's battery that kept draining? In this case, you can stop reading and go straight to the “How to get it” section, as no further explanation will be needed. 

You've been lugging around this heavy suitcase which, for some reason, is four times the size of the drone inside. This stupid app took forever to start working. You managed to make it fly. It flew for about 20 minutes and you think it hit a bush on the way back, but from the look of the drone, you would think it crashed into a wall.

This is called a “general public” drone. The cheap stuff that's made with the idea of saying "bad luck." You just have to buy a new one. 

But really, what can we do about it? It's not like we can get one of those super durable, super reliable drones soldiers use on the battlefield for our personal use. Is not it ? Well…

What are we talking about ?

Designed to withstand battlefield conditions, the StealthHawk Pro is a completely independent device. No need for an extra phone or app with micro transactions and ads. It's like one of those remote control helicopters you had as a kid, except this one isn't a toy. The StealthHawk Pro is a very, very powerful tool. 

Top-secret military technology made available to consumers? We had to try one...

But what makes the StealthHawk Pro so special?

Generally, the military does not like their equipment to stop working in the middle of a fight. It's pretty bad for your health. That is why they ask companies to manufacture products according to their strict specifications. We ordinary people almost never get to see these amazing pieces of technology in action, let alone use them ourselves. But not anymore.

The StealthHawk Pro is remarkably small for a drone, it can handle some of the most adverse conditions that would cause other drones to literally crash and burn on takeoff, and it does it almost completely silently. We flew it over the head of a member of our office and he didn't even notice.

More importantly, it's a military drone, which means the signal is encrypted so no one can hack into it and see your videos, and the range far exceeds that of any Bluetooth device on the market. .

Listing all the features of this incredible piece of technology would take us all day, so here are the main ones:

  • Super small and portable. It weighs less than 33 grams!
  • Day and night vision modes
  • 4K Ultra HD camera with encrypted high range wifi transmission
  • Up to 25 minutes of flight
  •  Incredibly durable. Can fly in light rain, extreme temperatures and winds up to 20 knots.
  • GPS and non-GPS vision based navigation for indoor flight.
  •  No need for a phone or app, completely autonomous device.
  • Almost completely silent
  • Encrypted signal so no one else can pirate your videos
  • Up to 2km signal range!
The military wants nothing but the cream of the crop, and the StealthHawk Pro is exactly that. While flying, one really has the impression of handling an advanced military hardware tool.

How much does the StealthHawk Pro cost?

Ok, so we can buy this great military gadget. But it's probably going to cost a price only the military can afford, right? Fake. The normal retail price of the StealthHawk Pro is just €298. But with the civilian launch of the product, the company (which has long since recouped more than its money's worth) decided to make a big splash, making it available to the public at a massive 50% discount and free shipping. free international! You can now get your StealthHawk Pro for just €149.

If you're a fan of drones, tech, military gadgets, or just want something really reliable, the StealthHawk Pro is truly one of the most impressive gadgets we've seen this year. Go buy it while it's still on sale! (stealth-hawkpro)

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