Traveling does not necessarily rhyme with breaking the bank! Many possibilities are available to you to escape even with a small budget, including to distant destinations: low-cost flights, off-season or last-minute travel... You must also take into account the local budget: if the plane ticket is sometimes a little expensive, some cities and some countries allow you to enjoy without spending too much (souvenirs, hotels, homestays, restaurants, activities, car rental...). So ready to pack your suitcase and set off to discover new horizons? Here are the 15 best destinations to travel cheaper according to Petit Futé…

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1. Thessaloniki, a dynamic city

The second largest city in Greece and capital of Macedonia, Thessaloniki is a welcoming and pleasant city, totally in the image of its inhabitants. It is home to a superb heritage, with archaeological sites such as the ancient Agora and the rotunda of Galerius, and beautiful churches such as the church of Agios Pavlos and that of Nikolas Orfanos. Without forgetting its museums, its markets which offer fresh and seasonal products and its pleasant seafront. The ideal place to sit at the table of a café or a restaurant. Very well connected to France by low-cost flights, it is the perfect destination for a weekend of relaxation, to discover the ancient charms of Greece.

And if you are planning a vacation in Greece and wondering what to do, discover all the must-sees to see and do in Greece!

2. Guatemala, at the heart of Mayan culture

Off to Latin America now. Admittedly, the plane ticket to Guatemala is a bit expensive. However, it is still possible to save money with a last minute flight. In addition, once there, it is possible to live on less than 15 € per day. Guatemala is much less touristy than the other countries of Central America, yet it is full of treasures to discover. Country of the Mayan culture, with barely 2% of urbanized territory, it offers breathtaking natural landscapes, such as the site of Lake Atitlan and the Fuentes Georginas, hot springs. And what about Tikal, one of the most powerful Mayan cities! For the next sports holiday, it is also the ideal place: trekking, rafting and zip line await all those who want to exert themselves.

3. Fez, the effervescent

In search of the sun, many tourists head to Morocco for an exotic holiday at low cost. It only takes a few hours by plane from France to reach the country. The prices are also much lower than in Europe. Perhaps you will also opt for an all-inclusive formula! Fez, less touristic than Marrakech, is the cultural capital of Morocco and it is one of the essential cities. Its medina, listed as a UNESCO heritage site, is a veritable maze of small streets always bustling with activity. The city is also known for its craftsmanship: the leather work in the tanneries is admirable. If you have a little time, visiting the surroundings of Fez (Meknes or even Chefchaouen and its blue streets) will literally make you fall in love with Morocco. And if you have time, take the opportunity to also discover the essential things to do in Morocco!

4. Porto, timeless

Even if tourism develops there more and more, Portugal remains a cheap destination. And many low cost airlines offer flights suitable for small budgets. Porto, the second largest city in the country, is perfect for discovering Portuguese folklore. The Ribeira district, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, allows you to immerse yourself in the culture of the city. The azulejos that decorate the houses will leave you speechless: the São Bento station, covered with earthenware, is a true masterpiece. Not to mention the banks of the Douro and the Vila Nova de Guaia district, a landmark for Port wine lovers. Finally, eating on the go is a tradition in the city. The francesinha, local specialty, is to be discovered! Wondering what to do in Porto? Discover here all the essentials of the city for a successful holiday!

5. Montenegro, a still little-known gem

Separated from Italy by the Adriatic Sea, neighboring Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro remains an almost unknown land. The country, now independent, is opening up to tourism and promises sweet moments to travelers who wish to spend a weekend or an inexpensive holiday. Kotor is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. It is pleasant to stroll through its picturesque streets and observe the peaks in the background, which coast the emerald sea. Its heritage is remarkable, like the monastery of Octrog located on the mountainside. Its wild nature will conquer you. For example, you have to hike in the superb Lovćen National Park, which offers breathtaking panoramas, between sea and mountains. The island of Sveti Stefan, not far from Podgorica, the capital, is a jewel to contemplate.

6. Indonesia, breathtaking nature

A huge country, thousands of islands, incredible sites: Indonesia is a traveller's paradise. Not to detract from its charm, the cost of living is one of the lowest in Asia. If Bali is the flagship destination, Indonesia is made up of a multitude of other charming islands. This is the case of Sumatra, Java or Borneo. The landscapes are incredibly diverse (volcanoes, jungle mountains, etc.), not to mention the famous rice fields which are among the must-sees in Indonesia. To enjoy incredible flora and fauna, head to Gurung Leuser National Park, to see tigers and orangutans. The seabed is also of great splendor and remains very popular with divers, as on the Raja Ampat islands.

7. India, a guaranteed change of scenery

India is certainly the overall champion of this ranking. By tracking down offers on the Internet, affording a return ticket to Bombay or New Delhi is more than affordable and the trip is worth the detour! India is a guaranteed change of scenery and the possibility of opting for an all-inclusive stay. From North to South, this country offers remarkable sites that are among the must-see places, such as the famous Taj Mahal or the Palace of the Winds in Jaipur. Without forgetting the spiritual cities that are at the foot of the Himalayas like Rishikesh, where nature and places of worship invite you to refocus on yourself. The cost of living is low and accommodation and eating local specialties are very affordable, even if tourism is developing strongly.

8. Transylvania, an intoxicating region

Romania is a country with a thousand facets which is the favorite playground for "backpackers". Backpacking around Transylvania is an unforgettable experience. In the footsteps of Dracula, it is possible to sleep with locals and enjoy a typical Romanian meal for just a few lei. The region is home to superb castles in the middle of verdant nature. These include Bran Castle and Hunedoara Castle. In the gorges of Tarda, we enjoy a hike along a canyon which reveals here and there rare flowers and animals. If the authenticity has been preserved, the region has also been able to urbanize with culturally important cities such as Cluj-Napoca. In any case, you now know where to optimize your budget in Eastern Europe.

9. Seville, the Andalusian pearl

Capital of Andalusia, Seville is architecturally one of the most interesting cities in Europe. Several of its monuments are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Giralda and, of course, the Alcazar. Seville is also the vida loca at low prices! Housing remains affordable despite the fact that the city attracts crowds of visitors. The sun is very often there, so the weather is a great ally for exploring the city and its neighborhoods like Santa Cruz and its maze of pedestrian streets. And to see an unusual monument, head for the Metropol Parasol, an imposing wooden structure in the shape of mushrooms and which offers a superb panorama of the whole city. With several parks, Seville is a good plan in Europe for family holidays. Discover all the places to visit on site right here!

10. Belgrade, electric city

Nicknamed the "Barcelona of the East" for its crazy nightlife, Belgrade is much more than that. At the crossroads of East and West, the "white city" has a rich cultural heritage. Its fortress dating from Roman times is still surprisingly well preserved today and curious minds will appreciate the many museums in the Serbian capital. Don't forget to spend some time in Skadarlija, the bohemian district of the city. This is where you can peacefully stroll through art galleries and antique shops. For a successful getaway, don't forget to learn about Serbian street food by tasting a pljeskavica, a succulent burger. Remember to book half board to simplify your life and consult our list of all the places to see in Belgrade!

11. Sardinia, Italian holidays

Less known than Sicily in terms of tourism, Sardinia has nothing to envy to its sister. Unmissable and affordable European destination in Europe, with colorful towns and villages, such as Porto Cervo, Cagliari and Carloforte. People come here as much to admire its ancient architecture, with the presence of nuraghi dating from the Bronze Age, as to enjoy moments of total idleness on beaches with translucent waters, such as that of La Pelosa and the Parco Nazionale Arcipelago Di La Maddalena. And then, a stay in Sardinia is an opportunity to delight the taste buds of the local gastronomy, Italy obliges! The Culurgiones, stuffed pasta, and the Cannonau, the local wine, are to be tested at all costs. In order to make you want to visit this magnificent island region of Italy that is Sardinia, we have selected for you 17 must-sees of the city to do absolutely!

12. The Philippines, a thousand and one splendors

7,000 islands make up the Philippines. This Southeast Asian country remains an economic destination. Find an affordable flight using a comparator and fly to a hotel by the sea, on the island with translucent waters of Coron for example! But the Philippines has more than one argument to seduce travelers, with on both sides islands, volcanoes, rice paddies, a bustling capital, Manila, a colonial city, Vigan, and the curious hills of the Chocolate Hills. This is why they are called the realm of permanent adventure! There are also the Batanes Islands to the north, which are rconnection eminiscent of New Zealand in many ways, and where travelers enjoy a peaceful stay in total with nature.

13. Poland, a country with a rich history

Do you dream of going on vacation without breaking the bank? Poland awaits you with very affordable hotels. Eating in a restaurant is also not very expensive. Krakow has a very intense cultural life, Warsaw has an old town that is definitely worth a look and Wroclaw has a varied and decidedly unique architecture. You can also take advantage of your trip to explore nature. Ojcow National Park is small but quite impressive with its cliffs. And then there is the only virgin forest in Europe, that of Bialowieża. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you come across the path of deer, lynx, wolves, bison and golden eagles. Discover here the 13 essentials of what remains the scientific and cultural capital of the country!

14. Mongolia, a guaranteed change of scenery

Admittedly, the plane ticket is quite high to go to Mongolia. It will therefore be necessary to be astute to find a flight at the best price. But once there, no problem finding accommodation and eating for next to nothing! What unique sensations when you begin to sink into the Gobi Desert. Or even in the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, rich in high peaks, lakes and glaciers. Mongolia is a multitude of unmissable places to visit such as the many national parks, each more beautiful than the other, like the Khustaïn Nuruu National Park, with golden lands and populated by Przewalski horses, deer, deer, wolves and marmots. Ulaanbaatar, the capital, remains a must. A place to take a vacation rental and enjoy both its traditional and future-oriented aspects. The city is rich in several museums and nice places to go out in the evening.

15. Nicaragua, a popular destination

Want to cross the Atlantic and discover the charms of Latin America? Direction Nicaragua, a destination often neglected in favor of Costa Rica and Panama. However, there is everything you need for an unforgettable stay. Fares are reasonable in its colorful and heritage-rich cities like Granada and Leon. There are also charming fishing villages, and islands where you can commune with nature. Little Corn unveils heavenly beaches and Ometepe is blessed with some of the most beautiful rural scenery in the country. You can also discover the great coffee culture in the Matagalpa region. Laguna del Apoyo, a volcanic lake, awaits sports enthusiasts for kayaking on its clear waters, and hiking in the heart of its surrounding luxuriant nature.

How to save on your vacation budget?

There are several ways to save on your vacation budget. For flights and hotels, do not hesitate to use online comparators. Some promo codes can also be used on travel packages. Watch closely! Once there, you can easily save money by taking part in free activities, such as hiking, swimming and organizing games in parks and other large spaces with the children. For meals, there's nothing like eating locally, by getting fresh produce from the markets, for example! 

How to find a cheap flight?

A few good reflexes make it possible to obtain plane tickets at attractive prices. To do this, you can use a comparator or an online airline ticket sales service, from your computer or tablet. An intuitive process that can be done from anywhere. Certain months of the year also have cheaper plane tickets, such as September, January and February. The winter months are perfect for a break in the sun. For those who are not afraid to leave on a whim and to a destination they had not thought of, it is also possible to monitor last minute offers. You can benefit from reductions ranging from 20 to 80% on the original price.

How to save on train tickets?

The train is a way to travel gently with the environment. You can also find attractive rates by going to a train ticket resale site, or by booking low-cost trains like Izy, to Brussels and Ouigo, to a multitude of cities in France. Do you want to cross several cities or countries in Europe during the same train journey? The interRail Global Pass offers a great price to travel up to 30 European countries in 30 days. 

How to find a cheap hotel?

To find a cheap hotel, you can first use an online comparator. We have the possibility of refining our criteria and defining a price range. Going on weekends and during the low season are two other options to benefit from lower fares. It is also important to book early enough, as soon as you have fixed your travel dates. Finally, hotels are always more expensive in city centers. If you move a little further away, you will find establishments at the best prices. The outskirts are still very well connected to urban centers. 


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