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And this is a great event for her heart-warming fans.

We found Anna in Miami and, without departing from the beach, asked about life with Malkin and about when she would finally return ...

You were a popular TV presenter. And now: "Who is Anna Kastorova?" - "And this is the wife of Malkin." How did you survive this transformation?

The status of the host has not gone anywhere, we are not talking about the termination of a career, just a break in broadcasting. And for the time being Anna Kastorova is a happy mother and wife.

The husband easily gave the go-ahead for the shooting for MAXIM?

You know, the editor-in-chief Alexander, with whom we communicate warmly, has long wanted me on the cover. But I refused for many years, because I thought that this would interfere with my television career. And then there was a curiosity. Alexander suggested to Zhenya shooting for a sports category. And he told me about it in the evening. To which I replied: "Well, at least someone in our family will be removed for MAXIM." And then he: "Ok, shoot, just to be all right."

By the way, about the career. You know, it's hard for young guys to decide what they will do in the future. And the girl at fourteen years old already can see if she will work or not. Why did you decide to work?

To rely only on appearance is short-sighted. Attractiveness opens some doors, but in combination with the right principles of life and the head, you can achieve more, fight for a dream and feel pride in what you have done yourself. Pleasantly! I grew up in a simple family in Zelenograd and achieved everything myself. I go through life and I know that interesting always lies ahead.

Did you have any problems with your studies?

I was an excellent pupil, but my behavior was bad. At the prom, we were locked in school, but I lured the key from the classroom and ran through the window. The collective farm then flew in, and I apologize to her through the magazine.

I look, with adrenaline you're on "you".

I skipped with a parachute from a serious height - 3500 meters. 55 seconds of free fall. You fly like a stone, then a parachute opens, and you can already live. Although the first ether interrupted the adrenaline from the jump. It seemed to me that my hands, teeth, eyelashes trembled with excitement. In my head a mad stream of consciousness: "Can everyone see that I'm worried?", "I'm so confused, I can not get ready," "And if I make a reservation?", "And if the plot does not have time to prepare for the airwaves?"

Interlocutors, men often reacted to you not only as a reporter?

One day while working on NTV I flew on holiday in the Emirates. And then they call me from the program "Central Television" and say that Jean-Claude Van Damme lives in the next hotel and we need to do an interview with him. But the interview did not work out. He was so fascinated that he immediately led to the beach to show power tricks. He taught me to fight in a long dress. A funny story turned out.

Do you keep in touch?

Once we met at the contest "Miss Ukraine". He was inspired, tried to communicate, but I was not up to him.

I know that Zhenya did not take your work seriously.

It's true. But now he understands that I really miss work. Yes, I needed to understand how to move forward with our relations with him. And then there were only the States. I will not hide it, Zhenya pressed me hard. At a distance, it's difficult to build something serious, and two years ago I moved to Pittsburgh.

Have you ever been interested in hockey before meeting with Zhenya? Differs the stick from the flaps?

I was rooting for the Russian national team, and nothing more. But now, of course, our whole life is subordinated to hockey: its own regime, its own prejudices. For example, in the NHL, its dress code: on the game hockey players go in suits, ties and shirts. And if you won the game, then in the future you try to wear on matches only this happy suit, right up to the first defeat. Take the food: if before the game Zhenya ate spaghetti and won, then he will eat them until he loses. Or music: here we go with my parents to the match, plays Beyonce ...

Enough! I understood the scheme: if Zhenya wins, only Beyoncé will sing in the car until the next loss.

Do not laugh! All hockey players are pretty superstitious. Especially now that the playoffs: nerves, tension. Many try to provoke her husband, bring her to emotions, and some get it. And I worry: because he goes to the ice to show the level of the game, and not to be killed. In general, Zhenya is not a fighter. It's rarely when he climbs, but always gives change, and I like it in him. Even if the odds are not very equal, he will throw off his helmet, gloves and go communicate with the horse for 250 pound.

It's the Pounds? Do you already think with American standards?

We're talking about you about the NHL. And so for ourselves we still stick to our native Russian kilograms. Whatever one may say, seven hundred days of life in Pittsburgh left an imprint. And now, when I see people in Moscow shops with angry gray faces, I'm perplexed. After all, you have to smile constantly. Although at first I was wildly annoyed: the stranger smiles, asks how I'm doing, but after a couple of seconds she changes in mimicry and forgets about me. Yes, Americans absolutely do not care how you do. But a smile is better than a frown.

In due time you were engaged in boxing. Do you remember anything else?

Yes, I got a good direct shot, but I was not keen on boxing seriously. Now I do not have a day without sports. In Moscow, I practiced bodypump - strength training for all muscle groups with extra weight. And here I can not find any such training anywhere. Therefore, we have equipped the hall in the house. There are small records: I can stand in the bar without rest for four minutes.

Many girls are uncomfortable when they are engaged, and no one is staring at them.

I understand you. But, when I see in the hall ladies with hairstyles and kilograms of foundation, it gives me a smile. They have their own tasks, and this is clearly not a sport. I, too, like any normal girl, like male attention, but not deliberately. Americans are more shy than Russian men, more restrained in their visual desires. So for girls who are spoiled with attention, there is, of course, tension here.

Traditional summer question: on which beach you can see topless?

I'm sunbathing topless only when I'm sure that I'm alone on the beach. Fortunately in our house in Miami has its own beach. Therefore, to see me, you need to be a pilot who will risk going down lower.

And the last, the most important question: do we have any hope of ever waiting for your return to domestic television?

I was offered a few interesting projects, but, unfortunately, we did not coincide on the schedules of the shootings ... Yes, I plan to return to the screen. Most likely, for a start, these will be seasonal projects ...
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