Ekaterina Luneva 
Maxim - Even the wild flowers cheered up at the sight of MISS MAXIM's vice-miss Catherine Lunevoy in a frank summer manner.

Interview: Igor Cher-skiy
Photo: Yury Koltsov
Style: Irina Volkova
Produced by: Anna Mira

That's the main annual beauty and sexuality contest MISS MAXIM 2017! We have a little bit of a rest, have breathed a spirit after the grandiose finale and we acquaint you with ten finalists.

Every day we upload photos and videos of one participant. The culmination is close: get acquainted with the first vice-miss Catherine Lunevoy from Cherepovets!

Katia works as a private realtor. Now you know who to contact if you need the best real estate in Cherepovets. Or if you want to show Katya your property.

VK: /ekaterina.lyneva
Facebook: /ei.luneva
Instagram: /ei.luneva

Your main virtues?

Responsiveness, reaching self-sacrifice. I hate myself for this, the fifth year I'm learning to say "no."

And the main disadvantages?

Spitfire. If I look calm, then I simply save energy. Then there will be an explosion.

Уже в эту пятницу на всех полках России сентябрьский номер @maximmagazinerussia Смотри и Читай!Да-да,именно Читай! Эксклюзивное интервью с интересными подробностями горячей десятки ,уже на страницах @maximmagazinerussia Ведь мы не только чертовски сексуальные,но и неприлично умные особы.Да,девочки? Фото @yuri.koltsov Мейк @grigoridy.k Укладка @anatol0204 Стиль @irina_volkoff Локация @_el__rancho_ P.S. Ещё расскажу маленький секрет!Больше фото,а так же видео со съёмок,ищи чуть позже,на официальном сайте журнала #missmaxim2017 #missmaxim #maximmagazine #maxim
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Do you have a boyfriend? And if not, what kind of person do you need?

My heart is free. It is necessary that someone took care of him.

What gives you the most pleasure?

Tasty food. A large roasted steak with blood. And in order to eat it, I do not even need a man!

Where is it better to get acquainted with you?

Only in Cherepovets. On the Internet, anyone can. But only in Cherepovets I will understand that this is a real feeling.

How long can you (or can not) do without sex?

Half a year is quiet. I already said that I can save energy.

Do you practice needlework? How and how often?

She tied a scarf, mittens, socks and a sweater. In general, it's warm, but sleeping with a sweater is not so interesting.

What mistakes are most often made by men trying to get to know you?

Too quickly give up, because each of us is a little princess, which must be won. Or, on the contrary, they are too intrusive.

The most pleasant compliment that you ever made a man?

"You really have no one?" I do not believe!"

How did you get warm this frosty summer?

I have many friends. Weddings and birthdays are an excellent reason to anneal and keep warm. ( Maxim Russia )

#Repost @maximmagazinerussia (@get_repost) ・・・ Десятка финалисток MISS MAXIM 2017 выбрана! Главный конкурс красоты и сексуальности MISS MAXIM 2017 совсем-совсем близок к кульминации — финал состоится уже 20 июля. 🔥🔥🖤 Не будем скрывать, путь к финалу выдался долгим и тернистым: приём и модерация тысяч заявок, голосование читателей, три дня кастинга — и вот, едва переведя дух, редакция титаническими усилиями, отобрала десятку самых красивых и сексуальных девушек страны — среди них Екатерина Лунева @ei.luneva из Череповца! Сможет ли Екатерина победить, узнаем уже 20 июля! Мейк и причёска @axylia 💕 #missmaxim2017 #missmaxim
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