Maxim - You can endlessly look at three things: an enemy floating on the river, a cherry blossom and how the finalist MISS MAXIM Lin Tsoy throws off the covers of modesty.

Interview: Igor Cher-skiy
Photo: Yury Koltsov
Produced by: Anna Mira
Style: Irina Volkova

That's the main annual beauty and sexuality contest MISS MAXIM 2017! We have a little bit of a rest, have breathed a spirit after the grandiose finale and we acquaint you with ten finalists. Every day we upload photos and videos of one participant. Today we finally introduce you to Lin Tsoi from Moscow, which took third place!

Lin is not only a successful model, working with agencies around the world. She is also a CCM swimming, snowboarder freerider and mathematician-programmer, an expert in the field of cosmological research and radio wave research.

Facebook: / lintsoy
Instagram: / lintsoy

Your main virtues?

Perfect education and intellect. And I also have the gift of reincarnation. Today I can be Lolita, and tomorrow - Brezhnev.

And the main disadvantages?

Long beautiful language. I also lie, but sometimes I am disgustingly sincere.

The greatest achievement in the last three years?

I handed over two liters of blood for a sick child. However, not immediately, at first I wanted to keep myself. I'm hypotonic, and I'm always short of it.

Do you have a boyfriend?

While there. And when will the number with me nude?

What gives you the most pleasure?

When I do not have a minute of free time. So my whole life is total pleasure. Especially from 9 to 20 hours.

Favorite delicacy?

Lightly salted cucumber.

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Where is it better to get acquainted with you?

At rush hour in the subway. As an educated girl, I can not forbid a man to introduce himself, if he was pressed to me on the "Kiev".

How long can you (or can not) do without sex?

5 days or 9 months.

Can you cook? And if so, what's your main dish?

Stuffed peppers and pancakes. And, of course, the national Korean cuisine: he, kimchi, hejanguk, chige and positkhan. True, our chihuahua is not especially prepared.

Lin Tsoy

Do you have tattoos and piercings and what do they mean?

If you lift my huge left breast, the observant reader will notice the pen. It reminds me that I'm Pocahontas and I have a spirit of rebellion.

What mistakes are most often made by men trying to get to know you?

They do not try. They only dream, blush and gloomily drink.

The most pleasant compliment that you ever made a man?

"You do not often meet such a beautiful girl with such amazing brains." ( Maxim Russia )

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