Anya Benton, Photographs by Raven Durán.

Maxim - An international model out of series. She studied communication at UCLA, collaborated with Foreign Affairs and co-edited two books. It is a jewel.

Originally from Moscow, she arrived in Los Angeles at 10, when she began her professional experience in modeling and acting.

Ever since she has a memory, she has loved being photographed. She confesses that every one who takes a picture of her, feels like a princess (she will never deny a selfie).

Anya Benton, Photographs by Raven Durán.

In addition to being a communications professional, modeling and acting, she is passionate about sports, so she could borrow your jersey in a Lakers game, because it's her favorite basketball team; or it might surprise you with a date to enjoy a baseball game, because the team that would bet everything are the San Diego Padres.

Amused, intelligent, sports lover, speaks Spanish, Russian and English and is beautiful, Anya seems to be our perfect match.

If you want to buy a drink, your favorite wine is cabernet sauvignon. Follow it closely in your account @anyabenton. ( Maxim Mexico )

Anya Benton, Photographs by Raven Durán.

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