MAXIM - Actual Meadow of the Season: Actress Anastasia Stegzko in a candid photo shoot

Anastasia Styozko is the rare case when the actress is not only talented, but also gifted. How in this beauty there are so many contradictions - read in her interview. And better just look at the pictures and imagine a conversation that is more interesting to you personally.

Nastya is familiar to you on the TV series "Molodezhka", "How I became a Russian," "Black River", "Unknown" and three dozen others. We had to burn the studio for a while, so that she would have time for an interview.

Which of your TV movies do you consider to be the most significant?

The series "Unknown", which was recently shown on "TV-3". I play a tough lady, who heads the bureau of special investigations. It's difficult to learn me, because in the good half of the series I have no hair, no make-up. From my image completely removed all sex.

What for?

To the viewer is not distracted. I approached by nature, but the appearance was too bright. Therefore, it was muffled, to use only in the right moments with great force. I play a very closed woman with a bunch of secrets and problems that she does not want to devote to anyone.

This is many times better than a woman who throws all the problems on you. And in real life are you also withdrawn and depressed?

Very much depends on the mood and the interlocutor. When I feel a keen interest in myself, I become open.

When a person on the street is keenly interested in your name and phone, do you immediately call them?

Of course not! First I smile. And if I smile, my mood improves and with me it is possible to continue the dialogue. Then everything depends on the interlocutor.

Do you walk around the streets? In transport, do you go?

Very often. So faster than standing in traffic jams. I drive by car only when I need to get from afar.
So, if the reader saw in the subway a girl, similar to the actress Anastasia Styozhko, then this is it.

Can we go boldly to get acquainted?

Can. But this does not mean that acquaintance will grow into a relationship. I'm like a cat: I do not admit myself right away. I can chat with a man, but for something serious it takes time.

This is how many stops?

Well, at least four. Or ten minutes.

And how do you feel about when a bus driver brakes and a man falls on you? Or you're at it. There have been times when you thought, "Oh, I fell well"?

Long time this was not. Somehow more big women with bags fall upon me. But at school I really liked trips by the whole class in stuffed vehicles. It was possible to just stand next to a beautiful boy and experience a pleasant sensation in a crush. And in general, do not think that girls are less concerned than men. We just behave more modestly and act more tactfully.

A feat on the sexual front, you also brag about how we are?

No. First, we do not believe that this is a feat. Secondly, by virtue of our profession, we can boast of having shot with Spielberg, for example. Moreover, they acted in film, played a role. On the bed it does not go. But in general, of course, we are more attracted to talented people. And you can be talented in any profession, even in the conduct of business. You can do it so beautifully that the girl will not stand. And always attract men who all get it.

Is there any great director who could interest you as a man?

About my, I will not say anything, but strange proposals will sprinkle. Or, on the contrary, they will end abruptly. And to interest as a man with whom I would gladly talk, I could have Woody Allen, because he is the most extraordinary.

You played almost forty roles. The very first you remember?

Of course! In my childhood they tried to teach me piano. It turned out that I have an absolute hearing, so I decided to send it to the music school urgently. And I did not want to go there at all and the sick girl was successfully playing for a year. The whole year I warmed the thermometer, lied to my parents and doctors, passed a lot of examinations. As a result, the music school was canceled for me. I immediately "recovered", moved to another class, took a vows for the boy and enlisted in the volleyball section. And only after ten years I confessed to my parents that I was pretending.

Sports figure you have from birth or from sports?

Probably from everything together. Nine years old, the figure played volleyball for the youth team of the Kaliningrad Dynamo. At me the first adult category.

What kind of superpower gives a girl volleyball?

I have a very strong right hand. You have to be careful if you want to slap someone. Just to not kill. Legs also pumped, I can jump to the basketball ring easily.

Anastasia Stegzko

In sex, does it give any advantages?

Extreme species, I have not tried. But I think that hopping abilities can add variety. And the actresses are very hardened people. Perhaps you did not notice, but during the filming in MAXIM it was raining and the temperature was only fifteen. Well, all these few hours I was constantly kept in the tone of hordes of mosquitoes.

How is your love life going?

She's all right, but without details. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people around who do not know how to be happy for a happy couple. Someone is jealous, someone is trying to do mucks. And we love each other too much to take chances. I really hope that we will have this for a long time.

Then back to work. What will happen with your unparalleled participation in the near future?

In the beginning of autumn the series "Adoption Clinic" with wonderful Any Tolkalina and Alexey Kortnev should appear. I play the lover of the character Kortnev, and Luba - his wife. And another two-part film "Path through the snow." In genre it's like "Mr and Mrs. Smith", only in Russian.

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