Yulya Vasilieva

MAXIM - Some make a wish when they see a falling star. But we are sure that the rising star will cause you much more desires, so we continue to follow the orbit of Yulya Vasilieva, already familiar to you on a bunch of commercials, serials and our magazines.

We have not seen each other for two years. It's clear that you did not miss, but did you do something all this time?

I was actively engaged in my career, I filmed a lot, got some new knowledge ...

That's about new knowledge is especially interesting. What are they, this new knowledge?

During the filming of the film "Forest Lake" I not only learned a lot about horses, but also learned to ride them.

Without clothes, I hope?

In clothes, of course. Why should a girl ride a horse naked?

Well, just so beautiful. Romantic, or something ...

And now I'm gone from romance. It used to offer me the roles of different air-loving creatures. And now I'm trusted by images of crafty and cunning villains who are carrying revenge plans, and their play is much more interesting.

Clear. What other knowledge did you get besides the mounted ones?

I read many books. I began to like Murakami.

Why do you read books when you have a movie? There everything happens much faster and the picture moves.

In the movie, taken from the book, you see her reading the director. And when I read it myself, I can imagine my own film about it. No director will not take it off.

This is for sure. Let's go to the advertisement "Loska". Explain, please, the meaning of the video to those who did not watch it.

Come on ... The action takes place in the theater. I first came to the play in a beautiful beautiful white dress. And I was so worried that I spilled a glass of champagne, a cup of coffee, dropped a sandwich with a tomato, and then smeared with mascara. And also my flowers, which I wanted to give to the actors, also left a mark on it.

It's just a story from life. What kind of idiot is writing these scripts?

I do not know. I'm just a blind tool in the hands of the director.

But in real life you ever managed to get so messy?

No, only in the movies. There was a film where I kidnapped myself and was in terrible dirt and blood.

Apparently, you still beat yourself and raped. Another warm greetings to the writers. Let's move on to advertising "Activia".

This video was filmed in Thailand.

As in Thailand? There is also an ordinary Moscow apartment!

Yes. But there is a street where I ride a bicycle. And in the winter you could find such a one just in Thailand.

Very close. And finally, the movie about "MTS". You are with a guy abroad on the beach, but he listens to football on the phone, because those entering in roaming are zero rubles. And you ask: "Did our people win?"

Yes. It's just the truth here, because I like football and I'm very interested in it. And my dad worked with the football team "Chernomorets", so I know football also from the inside.

Clear. What's with your private life?

All is well. I have a wonderful guy, and we are happy for eight years.

Eight years?! Are not you tired of it? And you also do not change the car for eight years?

No, the car - somewhere in three years. But the man does not break? And if it's good, why change it?

It is logical. Do you have a hobby?

Yes, after work I often crochet. A lot of good things connected her husband, friends.

I do not understand. Why after work for a long time to crochet, if you can immediately make love with your loved one for eight years her husband?

And he is playing computer games at this time, so everyone is busy with his own business. But there's a whole night for love, so we're all right, do not worry.

What's new with you in the title role can see your fans right now?

From the New Year on "Russia-1" will go 110-serial series "Dar". I play the girlfriend of the main character.

Are there any explicit scenes there?

Yes no ... Well, there are some shots in bed, but there is nothing supernatural about this?

Yes indeed. In bed, everything is always natural, you're right.

And can I say hello? The acting agency "M-Globus" and Anaide, who opened me. Thanks to her I have so many interesting roles!

Can. Anyone else need to send something?

Yes! To all the directors! Give me the main roles - and your films will always collect full rooms.

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