Maxim - Memorable, exciting, decades-discussed bed scenes from films easily attract the attention of spectators, but are hard for the filmmakers themselves. Often, in order to create, let not a masterpiece, but just a reliable adaptation of co-operation, the film crew have to resort to tricks and use non-standard solutions.

he easiest way to achieve a realistic picture is to use backups. For example, professionals of the porn industry were involved in the filming of the acclaimed "Nymphomaniac" by Lars von Trier; The plans of natural penetration with CGI-graphics, shot with them, were "pasted" into scenes with the participation of famous actors.

After filming, one of the lead roles, Stacy Martin, complained that this was one of the most boring and non-erotic activities in her life - not doing anything in the frame, knowing that everything needed will subsequently be "imposed" by specialists.

Computer graphics was also used to create the popular melodrama "Fifty shades of gray". The need to carefully cover the lower part of the body of Dakota Johnson, in order to post again in the post-production "draw every hair," director Sam Taylor-Johnson called one of the most surreal moments in his career.

However, not always producers are ready to lower the budget for special effects. In such cases, the usual means of disguise are used: the merkin (Kate Winslet, for example, wore a similar "wig" in the film "The Reader"), c-string panties (Amy Rossam in the series "Shameless") or realistically executed overlays (Lea Seydou and Adele Excarculos in the melodrama "Life Adele").

The technical side of the issue is by no means the most important thing in the filming of bed scenes. Many actors are psychologically hard at naked on the set in front of a huge crowd, and then everything goes into action. Often, for emancipation, banal alcohol is used: after removing the internal tension, people are more likely to part with clothing.

However, not always the consequences of taking strong drinks are harmless. So, in the show Chelsea Lately actress Lizzie Kaplan shared a story about how she touched with shots during the filming of her first bedtime scene in the series "Masters of Sex" and pestered all members of the film crew with the question: "And you got excited? Well, say that you are excited! "

Sometimes directors help actors to cope with shame, using less trivial methods. John Cameron Mitchell during the filming of the comedy "Club Shortbus" undressed himself and persuaded to uncover cameraman Frank DeMarco - only so they managed to come to harmony and understanding with the cast. Stanley Kubrick, on the contrary, went from the opposite and drove all the staff out of the set to avoid confusing Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman during the filming of frank scenes for the drama "With wide eyes closed."

Another important component is the development of the choreography of the stage, up to every sigh. According to the majority of actors, endless rehearsals (naturally, in clothes) help to prepare for direct shooting and not be involved in the process emotionally. So, for example, Rosamund Pike admitted that a two-week detailed study of the short bed scene during the filming of the drama "The Disappeared" was simply necessary. However, bringing every movement to mechanical accuracy did not stop the actress from thinking about her husband's reaction, about the reaction of the partner on the stage, Neil Patrick-Harris, and, most importantly, about the reaction of his husband.

In cases where the actors do not have enough physical training, auxiliary elements are used - for example, ordinary fitballs. A similar projectile was used by the aforementioned Kate Winslet during the filming of the comedy "Love and cigarettes". Unfortunately, at some point the Oscar winner did not calculate the amplitude of her movements and fell, injuring one of the requisitors along the way.

Various injuries and injuries are not a rare phenomenon of filming of bed scenes. One of the most vivid impressions in the career of the deserved sex bomb Margo Robbie was the scene from the movie "The Wolf from Wall Street." According to the plot in one of the scenes, they with Leonardo DiCaprio had to indulge in carnal pleasures on a pile of hundred dollar bills. Naturally, the real money was used costly, and the fakes, provided as props, were too harsh: by the end of filming the whole back of the actress was full of small cuts.

The last but important detail is a realistic make-up. How glycerin spray is used to simulate sweat, you can see in the video from the filming of the comedy thriller "Driver at night." The video, which is more famous than the film itself, is devoted to how far the creation of bed scenes is from what viewers eventually see on the screen.

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