Maria Fernanda Yepes

Maxim - Being an actress meant living in constant trial and error. Today consolidated in this way, it brings to light its spiritual secrets, hobbies and plans for tomorrow.

María Fernanda Yepes comes walking to the heart of Mexico City. He wears a pair of washed-up jeans, a white T-shirt and leather sandals. Her hands are occupied: a personal bag, a suitcase, and the cage he carries in Alaska, her white fur miniskirt. After greeting her, we helped her with her personal items and climbed the stairs of Barrio Alameda to the Chaya, a bed & breakfast with an incredible view, hospitality and cozy spaces. When you open curtains and windows of the master suite, you can see the Latin American Tower, a little vegetation and a lot of history.

Maria Fernanda is based in Aztec lands to participate in the pilot, series of Univision that began to be recorded in September and is ready these days. There it interprets the paper of Zulima. For some years, Yepes is an actress in great demand, which led her to leave Colombia; However, confesses: "The truth, it took me a long time to discover what it was good for and what my path was in life." First she was a model, from a very young age, at age 14, she started working for various brands in Medellín, as Girls and the first catalog of Agua Bendita. "But I did not seek to be a model, as I did not seek to be an actress. Life put things in my way and I took them. "

She has always been a very relaxed woman who does not like to complicate herself, "then I saw that universe with too much pose for me; I was a child and I was lazy. All my life I've been a little kid, extreme sports, adventures. The modeling made me laugh, I never stopped riding, to get rid of me, to dirty me, to bog down. I mean, I never belonged to that Barbie world. " Despite that, there was a histrionic personality, characteristic that led to this, and made her excellent. "To transmit something, that is what this work is about, is a matter of energy," he explains.


At age 18 he went to exchange Australia. He traveled 16,000 kilometers because he wanted to explore what was happening beyond the mountains of Medellin. "I've been a little gypsy, I've lived in many places." At that moment he had an internal awakening, because he did not see himself in a university, he felt he was going to lose her life. She tried to study psychology, but that was not what moved her; Then, he entered into social communication; However, her place was not there either. Yepes was eager to find that path that kept her personality standing, with a long-term project.
The love of a man, 12 years older than she, took her to have a vacation in Barcelona, and ended up staying almost three years. In that city decided that he had to leave once and for all her stage in modeling. She worked as a waitress and, as a hobby, went to a theater school to study. Like so many love stories, her relationship with that man closed her cycle and returned to Colombia where, shortly thereafter, he had an opportunity in the performance. "At first I refused a little because I felt I was not well prepared." She even confesses that her method has been in practice: "I am an actress that I did in the exercise of acting, and I am giving more interest, more seriousness. This is how I have transcended my profession. "

Maria Fernanda Yepes


One of the experiences that led her to discover her true concerns, her personality, was the contact with ayahuasca or yagé, the sacred plant that grows in the Amazon considered as the medicine of the soul. "When I had my first ceremony, my senses awoke me and helped me a lot. It was from there that I decided to go back to Colombia, because I knew that something was waiting for me, it was as if the plant told me through a beautiful message. "

Thus began to build her way and events were manifested one by one. Several proposals to act knocked on her door, but before he wanted to prepare a little more in the performance, and entered the School Caracol. Later, her first appearances were in Pure Blood and then as the antagonist in Sin Breasts there is no paradise.

What character has meant more sacrifice? He makes a silence and then says: "I think the most important thing I've done is La Diabla and Rosario Tijeras; In addition, with these characters I feel that I stole the heart of the public. First, I made "La Diabla", based on analyzing the reality of my country. I am very good at observing and reading people. And so it came out, it is of those characters villainous but at the same time amused; She's also very cynical and people love her. "

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Maria Fernanda Yepes.

 Photography, @camilovillabona; Styling, Paola Torres; Assistant, Carolina Franco; Makeup, Pamela Segura; Hair, Gerardo Maldonado.

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