Nicole Kidman

MAXIM - The best way to congratulate the actress on her birthday is to once again lose her gift of speech from her beauty!

The owner of the Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA and other awards does not need to be represented. Honestly, how much we remember ourselves, so much admired the beauty and talent of Nicole.

As it sometimes happens with actresses, Nicole came to a big movie from a big ballet, which she had been practicing since the age of four. Kidman's childhood was overshadowed by the mother's illness, which was discovered shortly after the family returned from Hawaii, where Nicole was born, to her native Australia. The first big role came to Nicole when she was 15 years old, and since then the flow of offers has not dried up.

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You probably remember the most notable works of Nicole - in the films "With wide eyes closed", "Watch", "Dogville", "Others", "Australia", "Cold Mountain". From the last from Kidman we strongly recommend you the series "Big Little Lies", and not only because half of its screen time in this series the actress walks naked.

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In her personal life, Nicole is still as fruitful: together with her husband, musician Keith Urban, Nicole brings up four children.

We wish our beloved actress further personal happiness and new career achievements! And we want a pleasant viewing of the sexiest photos of Nicole Kidman. (Maxim Russia)

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