As it turned out, for most it is the same.

MAXIM - Of course, the sexual habits of all are different. They depend on temperament, age (if you want to find out how much sex is supposed to be at your age, to you here) and whether some kind person will sit down with your five children. But, as the new study has shown, there is something in the sexual behavior of people that coincides. In what day of the week is considered the most non-sexual.

The application for express delivery of products from the nearest Instacart stores published an analysis of three million products ordered by Americans in 2017. This analysis allowed to determine the demand for different products and household items in different months and days of the week. Among the products, there was also such a thing, necessary in any economy, as condoms. (By the way, we hope that using condoms you do not make these 10 common mistakes). And that's what happened.

The boom for buying condoms falls on weekends, which is understandable: it is on weekends that we go to clubs and restaurants, inspired by hopes, dreaming of acquaintance, which will change our life (or at least night). However, and couples get the opportunity to be alone on the weekend, when the already mentioned grandmothers come to help with the offspring.

But the most unpopular day for buying (and, apparently, using) condoms is Monday. Yes, the same Monday that does not already enjoy our love because of the fact that it opens the working week. And if on Monday you feel that the libido has sunk under the couch and even the prospect of sharing porn with a girl does not raise the mood, do not worry: you are far from alone. (Maxim Russia)

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