MAXIM - Finally it became known how much ideally you and she should have in the past sexual partners, so that you were an ideal couple.

Scientists at the University of Leeds (UK) conducted a poll on the dating site The main question was formulated as follows: how many lovers should your new partner have in the past? Most of those who participated in the survey (38% of men and 37% of women) named the number from eight to twelve. Nevertheless, the most optimal number of former sexual partners, both men and women, are 10.

Further polls found that if your sexual experience exceeds 10 links, others will find you unintelligible. It is noteworthy that a particularly similar sign of indiscrimination is alarming to men. In general, if a person had more than 20 partners, 4% of men and 3% of women agree with him.

At the same time, the participants of the study consider those who had fewer than 10 sexual partners to be inexperienced.

And one more thing. Although, according to the study, women are more comfortable with the large number of connections in the past with their men than men, do not rush to tell your girlfriend the exact number of their former ties! Only 35% of women would like to know the exact figure of ex-lovers of their faithful.

( Maxim Russia )

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