Valeria Gavrilovskaya
Interview: Rybik
Photos: Yury Koltsov
Style: Irina Volkova

Valeria Gavrilovskaya is always strict and focused. Far to go for an example there is no need: let us recall at least the legendary incident on the air of the program "PE", when Valerie's colleague got into the jaw of a drunken hooligan. How unperturbed was the heroine of our photo session at this moment!

Valeria sees so many swindlers that they are constantly on guard. We had no choice but to pretend to be gamblers and play with Valeria for stripping. Still, the game of cards at least somehow helps to remove stress and clothing.

Lera, how's your mood?

Exciting! For the first time I'm giving an interview. And I do not want to look stupid.

Is the person Wikipedia is writing about can say something stupid?

Any person can admit stupidity. Even the most cautious. As for Wikipedia, I even felt like a star when I saw an article about myself. But there is not all true: yes, I'm not married and there are no children, but I have a fiance.

Valeria Gavrilovskaya

Why do you need a fiance? It's distracting from work!

I'm coping. Moreover, I am currently working as a leading "Emergency Incident". And before that I went to the events, climbed with a microphone to everyone in the world. I always dreamed of getting on NTV.

Why such a passion for NTV?

Our materials are like a blockbuster: you never know what will end in the end. It's very interesting: how the trial will end, whether the killer will be caught and how he will explain his actions. Psychology of criminals, too, sometimes very much want to understand, dig in the brain - it captures. Plus, everything is always in the center of events, the first one will learn about the incidents.

But it's not normal for a normal person to see corpses!

Corpses are considered abnormal, or forensic experts. And the corpses are uninteresting for us, our task is to gather information. It's like a detective!

And you were sent on set?

Well, of course! And once they sprayed a pepper spray into his face. But the operator intervened, although he filmed at the same time.

Valeria Gavrilovskaya

What wins at this moment: human qualities ("I'll leave people alone, they have sorrow") or professional ("Do I have to finish the plot")?

It is difficult to find this line between feelings and work. The surgeon will find it hard to save lives if he is guided only by his experiences. So are we. I always find words and explain why it is so necessary.

By the way, why?

To learn about the emergency as many law enforcement agencies. To punish the villains. That people know: it's important to be careful. I do not go into the elevator with strangers, I'll check five hundred and fifty times if I closed the door, and on the road I eat carefully, because always before the eyes of the picture with an accident.

Do you go to self-defense courses?

No, only for dancing. It is important for me to sweat and lose weight. I hate when men approach: "You'd better take this bar, and then this one. And in general, let's get acquainted! "I often in the spotlight, even prisoners write to me, they call me for a date.

Are chess sent from the crumb?

Never been sent. I've been working as a presenter for two years, and so far there has not been a single gift. Even flowers. I'm not hinting at anything.

Valeria Gavrilovskaya

In addition to the stories about the accident, you filmed materials about scammers. And you are imbued with sympathy for the defendant?

Once the villain was accused of embezzlement on a large scale, and I noticed for myself that the man was very dignified and did not whine that it was not his fault (as is usually the case - people do not recognize misconduct), although it was evident that it was difficult to do. But you can not sympathize with criminals - it's at some moral level.

Do you maintain relations with investigators? Their people in the police will never interfere.

I do not like getting acquainted so that this friendship later became useful to me. I'm for sincerity in communication, I do not like to use people.

About friendship. As a rule, beautiful girls do not have real friends ...

It turns out that I'm ugly? Because I have "long" friends, with whom we are from the fifth class together, as in the "Brigade". Once they fought because one of them bought a dress that the other wanted: it was bought for the sake of a guy who liked both. In general, the great happiness is that no man has ever risen between me and the girlfriends. By the way, I have a flower "female happiness". I bought it to make things better in my personal life. As soon as the flower blossomed, my uneasy relations became normal.

Interestingly, but there is a flower "million in a lottery" or "calm wife"?

I'm not a florist, but I know that thoughts are material. I'm fond of realizing the reality. You will only succeed if you send clearly formulated wishes to the universe. Actually, that's how I became the leading NTV.

That is, on your birthdays you do not want to be healthy, but clearly say: "I wish you had prostatitis!"
Well, no, I can not go straight to the forehead. I'm more delicate. I can only tell my relatives as they are. They do not take offense at the truth.

Valeria Gavrilovskaya

And if a man has a small penis, does he really need to say this truthfully?

Sex is something intimate, and people between whom physics, must necessarily talk with each other and about the good and the bad.

If people broke up, they can still do sex or better cut the ropes?

That is, they broke up, but they want friendly sex? If the girl is not ready for other relationships and feelings for the former have not disappeared, then she can afford it. This is health, emotions! Well, if the feelings have passed, then this is dirt.

From the mud we pass to the sea. Where do you plan to relax in the summer?

I'll make a passport and go to Europe. Life goes on, but I have not been there much. I want to go to Amsterdam, Prague, Paris, Rome and Morocco.

Morocco?! Maybe Madrid?

Well yes. In the 11th grade I was fascinated by the film "Clone", where the eastern life was beautifully shot in Morocco.

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