Dita von Teese
Maxim - It does not matter to the Queen of Burlesque for how many years! The important thing is that it looks wonderful! Make sure of yourself.

Dita von Teese came into being with a different name - Heather Rene Sweet. It happened, this is an important event for all mankind (as time will tell) in the state of Michigan. Heather was the middle of three daughters. Later, Dita claimed that her father had Armenian roots.

The girl was engaged in ballet since 13 years, then she was carried away by a cinema of 1940 which has defined its style. Also, future Dita, and for the time being Heather, studied in college costume history and dreamed of eventually becoming a dresser. Well, I worked part-time in an underwear store.

Such a mixture of hobbies led to the fact that when a girl found a dancer in the strip club Captain Cream, she chose the image of the sex symbol of the 1920s. Then Heather took the pseudonym Dita, in honor of the diva black and white movie Dita Parlo. The surname von Teese appeared after Dita at random poked into the telephone directory.

Soon von Teese from the bright dancer turned into the mistress of her own burlesque show. Her most famous rooms look like an exciting erotic-circus performance. Marilyn Manson, for example, was so captivated by the spirit that she and Dita had been legally married for several years.

We congratulate Dita on her well-deserved birthday and wish her even more happiness and burlesque! And by the tradition we look at the photo.

( Maxim Russia )

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