I forgot to screw up the gas cylinder and lit ... Look what's left of the car!

MAXIM - As you probably know, Americans like barbecue not less than the fifth amendment, the Fourth of July and the sale. But to swallow smoke, collect ash from my pants, try to fuse this stupid coal from the package with at least a second bottle of ignition - these pleasures are unfamiliar to them. Typically, an American in the backyard is a stove with hard coal, which connects a gas cylinder. And most often this stove is on wheels - what if you want a barbecue away from home?

In the city of Orlando (Florida) there is something like a fairground area, here on a green lawn there are different city events, there is a park and a lake. And no one interferes with a picnic with a barbecue. So did our unnamed heroes - a married couple on Kia Sorrento with a stove and a gas bottle in the trunk.

The most interesting began after the picnic. Someone turned off the gas supply on the stove, but forgot to screw the balloon. The salon quickly filled with gas, which for some reason rested Americans did not notice. Further we know from the police Orladno, in a miserly record of which it is written that the passenger of the front seat lit a cigarette, after which the explosion exploded. The pair escaped with minor burns, which do not pose a threat to life, although it can be assumed otherwise.

The integrity of the body is slightly broken (the insurers call this the word "total"), the roof slightly rose and moved away from the right side panel by about half a meter (it was opened with a knife like a can opener), the windows could not hold in the window openings (they were knocked out like a cannon!). In general, in the garage to Juan - and a week later the swallow as a new one will be. Now, that's just the side airbags roll into a roll ...

Very incendiary (sorry for the pun), we saw comments from users in the "Twitter" police Orlando, where the guards posted the photo from the scene.

"How could you not feel the smell of PROPANE ?!"

"Smoking is very unhealthy ... Especially when combined with an unfiltered gas cylinder valve."

"The two men got off lightly, although they were clearly striving for natural selection."

"Inadvertently in the rolling machines forbid smoking ..."

"Yes, she will now sue the manufacturers of the balloon, lighters and Kia in addition to the court!"

"Nominees of the Darwin Prize."

Subscribers especially liked the glasses, imprinted in the departed glass SUV.

( Maxim Russia )

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