Scientists have found out what products make your smell repellent for women. Finally!

Maxim - About that it is from the smell, and not from the style of haircuts or the brand of the machine depends on your popularity with women, we have already told in detail. Fortunately, even such a subtle phenomenon as your own smell can be corrected (like the haircut and the model of the car). And all that is needed is small changes in the diet.

Scientists of the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Macquarie (this, if that, in Australia) published the results of their months-long research in the scientific journal Evolution and Human Behavior. It is called "The composition of the diet and its relationship with the aroma of the male body."

Actually, the result is difficult to call revolutionary: scientists to improve the fragrance, we will not be afraid of this word, sweat is the same as that recommended by your mother since childhood. That is, there are more vegetables and fruits. "Very touching advice, thank you," - we thank you and follow the sausage.

We were interested in the results of the study by another point - which products make the fragrance of the male body minimally attractive to women. In other words, the most unattractive.

It turned out that the culprit of low popularity among the opposite sex is carbohydrates. And most of all carbohydrates are contained in two types of products (hold your breath?): In white bread and pasta!

So, if you have a habit of eating macaroni in a navy-calorie loaf, we recommend that you say goodbye to her. Otherwise, you have to live with one boring wife all your life. ( Maxim Russia )

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