Women's underwear
Maxim - Although with the participation of these girls, we would agree to watch even "Play, accordion!".

We in the editorial board unanimously believe that the interest in women's underwear is a worthy business for a real man, and being able to unbutton a bra with one hand in three seconds is just as important as building a house and planting a tree (at least, it's useful more often!)

That's why we follow all the advertising campaigns of underwear with such scrupulousness and regularly introduce you to the most worthy samples. The brand Agent Provocateur, who knows a lot about lingerie, introduced a new advertising campaign, "Play and tease." In her model Magdalena Frakovyak and Eliza Crombez play billiards.

Women's underwear

We reviewed the photos three times already, but still can not concentrate enough to understand which of the girls won. We did not notice the billiards at once!

By the way, speaking, the past advertising campaign of Agent Provocateur in the best traditions of foot fetishism was also very good! ( Maxim Russia )

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