Selena Gomez.

Tip: do not give the girl this, even to show how happy you are to see her.

Text: Irina Korotchenko

Maxim - About the delightful Selene Gomez, we write much less often than we (and, sure, you) would like. Alas, the girl does not often give an excuse for this (although if she gives, then she gives - for example, having acted in this seductive photo session). Therefore, we could not pass by this outrageous case: as the portal writes TNZ, a rather persistent admirer tried to give her this! .. SUCH! ..

Even the guard who saw all the guards was speechless when a man in the hands of a singer and actress in San Fernando (in California) appeared in his hands ... a bouquet in the shape of a penis (for the sake of justice, he had a whole bunch of completely innocent gifts, like yummy, but on the background of such a presentation the rest somehow faded)! Getting closer, the guards found out in the uninvited guest of a 24-year-old fan who had been circling around the residence of the star for a long time, and, without a long thought, called the police.

Do you think that's it? Haha two times! Bloodshot details continued to come from sunny California. It turned out that on the same day an alarm bell rang from the flower shop: a man asked to make a composition for Selena Gomez in the form of a male genital organ. Alert florists felt a dirty trick (praiseworthy) and told the client that their hand would not rise to create such a thing.

As a result, it turned out that the description of the strange customer and the obsessed fan coincides to the last birthmark on his shameless face, and this matter was taken by the police of Los Angeles. It's a pity that recently we have not had a very good relationship with the US, otherwise our siloviki would show their American counterparts how to beat off such fantasies from such sub-officers! ( Maxim Russia )

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