Maxim - We lack a lot: one good cheese, another - a competent government, almost all - smooth roads. But absolutely everyone does not have enough of this!

Text: Yuri Sokolov

  1. The button that you hit with your fist and the computer starts to work faster.
  2. The button for calling the stewardess (well, or what is your main sexual fantasy?)
  3. Buttons with very powerful springs, so that when typing, you can swing your fingers.
  4. Button to rewind porn at the moment when the fun begins.
  5. The button "Oh, everything!". (In a female complete set)
  6. Button that adds "Sent from iPhone".
  7. Button "Liknut all the posts of this girl."
  8. A button with a Medvedev profile that sends the computer to sleep mode.
  9. A button that publishes the sounds of quick printing on the keyboard so that colleagues think that you are working.
  10. A button for grinding nails. (Women's outfit)
  11. A button that translates all the emoticons into human speech.
  12. Hole in the keyboard, where you can pour the rest of the tea from the mug, so you do not have to get up because of the computer.

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