The first nurse MAXIM Maria Kowalska comes back to you with a dose of the most powerful stimulants - her photos

Masha is not only the first nurse MAXIM, but also the reason why readers have opened the magazine on the rubric "Special Clinic" since 2005. Masha, we were so bored! Come on, undress!The newest recommendation of Canadian scientists, which, unlike the British, doubtful will not be advised.

Text: Mark Zalkind

For six years in a row, people have seen your erotic photos on MAXIM pages in every room. And this is somewhere a million people a month or more. Were you admired, wanted to steal, get married?

There were, of course, moments of recognition. For example, I somehow went to the sea to rest and, naturally, went to the beach in a swimsuit. It was red, only without medical crosses. And then the guys run up to me, bring a chair, an umbrella and, of course, a magazine and ask for an autograph. It was fun to have on my husband's birthday. He turned 36, but we celebrated in six months, so the party was called "36.6" and was in the medical style: he dressed up as a doctor, and I - a nurse. Here it was to the guests that I was the same nurse, and my fifteen minutes of glory came.

You see, what a success! It's a pity you left nurses. It was your best role.

I will specify: photograph. And if we develop this topic, then we will return to filmstrips. But I still want to play for people alive.

Then quickly tell me where you are playing for them alive.

At the moment, I have a living image of Kitty from the musical "Chicago". When I come to a casting, people ask me: "Where did you work?" - "In Chicago." - "Oh, are you shooting all of them from the machine gun?"

Happy you, Masha! After all, we all sometimes have a desire to take a rifle and shoot someone. For example, when the queue is naham, or just sad.

Oh, yeah ... It's a taco-oh-oh-oh-oh-high!

And how many times a week could you afford it?

So ... It was six working days and two days off in the weekend. Eight times! Yes, it's a pity that "Chicago" is over. Just today a giant billboard was removed from the front of the concert hall, on which I stand in full growth.

You did not want to take it as a souvenir?

Yes, I would take, but where would I hang such a huge?

Just spread out on the roof of your house. The pilots will be pleased. In the same place, "Chicago" is written!

They will not think that they have lost the course?

It does not matter. Tell me where you're going to play now.

In the musical "Earls of the Eagles". So in September I invite everyone to my native Operetta Theater. This is our Russian story about Princess Tarakanov and Count Orlov. I take part in almost all the dance performances.

In the "Chicago" on you was an excellent tights from the net. And does Orlov have anything on you?

In "Orlov" we all have very expensive and beautiful dresses, stylized at the time. No tricot or net. On the contrary, there is a lot of matter.

Matter is bad. We would have something spiritual ... By the way, what do you bring down your passion and energy after the performance?

What are you talking about?

I once interviewed fifteen strippers, and they said that they so start up after their poles, that they then definitely need to light up somewhere with someone else.

I have much to sublimate this energy: I come home and put the children to bed. Believe me, that this force needs a lot. Well, yes, I lay them down passionately. As for the stripper ... I do not want to offend this profession somehow, but it seems to me that there is simply no energy outlet. Their task is to have men, there is no end and no beginning, there is a process. And we tell the story. And we have a beginning, a continuation and a final. Of course, after such energetic dances it is not immediately possible to calm down. Someone needs to lie down in the tub, someone to drink, and I personally just sit and discharge in "Facebook".

Yeah, I'm reading. But why do you so rarely do SELFI? Do not take yourself off in front of a mirror, do not spread the pictures of food ...

I can lay out some funny shot or when someone caught me. But fotkat themselves in a swimsuit - who needs it?

It's all you need. I heard the phrase "Beauty will save the world"? There is so much evil, aggression and hatred that every woman who is beautiful by nature should show this beauty to everyone.

I show it on the stage! Few?

Of course. You're there in a dress! I would go to the sea, relax, and from there set new species ...

Yes, I'm just going to.

And why do not you make a movie? Do not rush yourself or do agents work badly?

I do not have an agent at all, so, probably, the problem is this. Find me an agent of good. I think, with him we will achieve even greater success. ( Maxim Russia )

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