Private Jet Studio, Fly in a private plane

Maxim - Russian instaders are now making a dent in the eyes, pretending to fly in a private plane.

Saw a photo of a classmate leading the life of the new wife of an oligarch? Do not envy! It's just an illusion of a beautiful life.

Accounts in the spirit of "Children of Russian oligarchs" and "dancing millionaire" Gianluca Vacca do not give rest to mere mortals, whom such a heavy suite is not available in ordinary life. To all of them the service of renting a private airplane for photoshoots in "Instagram" rushes to their aid.

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The Russian start-up program Private Jet Studio offers everyone to rent a luxury Gulfstream G650 (a business jet jet designed for 11-18 passengers) for several hours for only 11,000 rubles.

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Make a photo session with a professional photographer will cost 14 thousand (the package includes services of a make-up artist). You can also buy champagne expensive brand (unfortunately, about whether it can be later to drink, no information). And for a fee in the photo session will take part professional model. (Maxim Russia)

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