Maxim - Writer, mother of three children and the sexiest cover MAXIM in November!

We can not not introduce you to a girl of such outstanding merit!

Sometimes in search of inspiration, which we could share with our readers, we take a look overseas. What do our English-speaking colleagues from American MAXIM do, we think.

It turns out that they are busy with the fact that they are doing their job well, the proof of which can be the cover of the latest November issue of American MAXIM. On the cover is not just a model, as often happens with the covers of men's magazines, but also a writer and mother of three children. Her name is Jade Lagardere.

To the glory of Jade came with a maiden name Foret. Then a high (183 cm) 13-year-old girl from Belgium was given the greatest honor in the world for fashion - to participate in Armani shows. The brilliant beginning of the modeling career has received no less brilliant continuation: Jade participated in photo sessions and shows of fashion houses and traveled around the world. Until one fine day, I did not find that the strips on the pregnancy test were slightly larger than usual. At the moment, Jade and her husband, businessman Arno Lagardere, have three children.

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In addition, Jade writes comic books. The main character of the comics - a girl named Amber Blake - fights against those who harm children, since she herself was abandoned by her parents at the age of five. (Perhaps, we have not seen noble heroes for a long time with such a specific task.)

But we attracted your attention to the November cover of American MAXIM not to tell about the eventful biography of its inhabitant. We attracted your attention in order to show her sexiest photos. Also quite a respectable excuse. Enjoy watching. (Maxim Russia)

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