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Fergie and actor Josh Duhamel announced that they decided to divorce ... Well, okay. Somehow we'll try to live on.

Text: Semen Shrike

Maxim - Yes, Fergie, the singer, one of the last clips of which, M.I.L.F , we still remember with warmth, is now free. What is there to add ... To be honest, we are neither cold nor hot from this.

Therefore, we note this ambivalent event is a habitual way for our site - viewing the hottest photos of the singer. Especially since she has a lot of them!
In the new Fergie clip, the hottest MILF beauties pour themselves on milk!
We found the sexiest video this weekend: well-groomed, famous, rich housewives and ... cheerful milkman!

Singer Fergie released a new video called MILF, in which the most famous beauties of this delightful category were shot. In general, the phenomenon of MILF (my mother, with whom I would like to have sex), as you probably know, originates from the comedy "American Pie", where for the first time there is a stunning "Stifler's Mom".

The American pop industry has allowed this phenomenon to blossom with the most magnificent color that you can watch in the new fascinating video of Fergie about the fate of a simple American milkman who has fallen into the city of bored housewives! Here are just a few intriguing frames from the set.
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Producers of Fergie have selected for the new clip a truly stellar composition. Milk filled with dignity is demonstrated by Kim Kardashian, Chrissie Teigen, Devon Aoki, Ciara and other marvelous divas. Although what about this talk! It is better to see once! ( Maxim Russia )

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