Kristen Hancher
If humanity is destined to make mistakes, then let them be like that!

Text: Maxim Rafstein

Maxim - We do not know if you are aware of it or not, but in the "Instagram" appendix, created to allow men to upload photos of food, and girls - photos of priests, a new function appeared not long ago. It is called Stories, allows users to upload pictures taken in the last 24 hours, and conduct live broadcasts. A day after the material appears in the Stories, it disappears into eternity.

In general, is it worth to say, how did the new function like the users of Instagram? Perhaps, it's worth it: I really fell in love! It is actively used by those who have a closed account with five subscribers, and the stars of Instagram, whose photos are viewed by millions.

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I used the new Instagram function and model Kristen Hancher from Los Angeles. And Christine, by the way, has almost 4 million subscribers! True, we suspect that from now on Kristin will begin to treat Stories with less enthusiasm. And that's why.

Kristin and her boyfriend started having sex (yes, sometimes this happens even with the best of people). Apparently, the girl's phone was at her side, and not in a figurative sense. Sideways or not sideways, but the girl and her boyfriend accidentally clicked on the Stories. Their joint pastime immediately fell into a live broadcast, which had time to see 14 thousand subscribers Christine.

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Learning that involuntarily became an exhibitionist, Kristin did not wait a day until her homemade porn self-destructed from Instagram and removed the frank video immediately. Then she apologized to the subscribers, assured them that the video was on the air unintentionally, and invited everyone to "forget what they saw and move on."

We, alas, were not among the 14,000 subscribers who will have something to forget. We decided to compensate for this omission by viewing the ten most sexy photos from Instagram Kristen. And we advise you. (Maxim Russia)

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