Liv Tyler
Maxim - Liv Tyler once again demonstrated how perfect is the female beauty.

There are actresses who, even having descended from our screens, remain in our hearts. And Liv Tyler, of course, belongs to this type.

Even in spite of the fact that in recent years we rarely see an actress in a movie (and even on torrents), we remember her and look forward to her return to our life. And Liv returned! Yes, in what form!

The actress starred in the advertising campaign of the new Essence line of the German underwear brand Triumph. Photographed star of the screen star of the lens - the famous English photographer Rankin. (For some reason, it seems to us that it is not possible to remove Liv, so we could not bother searching for a famous photographer.)

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These nine frames prove that Liv, who, incidentally, gave birth to a third child a year ago, still remains a standard of beauty and a measure of beauty. (Maxim Russia)

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