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Photo: Yuri Koltsov
Style: Ekaterina Troshko

Remember this name - Dianna. Our Pop Scene long awaited really beautiful singer. And here it is, elegant! Yes, even with a sense of humor. And what else does the singer need?

I can start the interview without asking. Good afternoon! 

My name is Diana Ivanitskaya-Shorikova, I'm 22 years old, and I'm an entrepreneur.

And what are you laughing at?

In the winter, I took a great interest in seasonal business, and sold sweaters with deer.

You're in this sweater starred in the debut video "Lips"! There still in comments on YouTube you advised to tie with singing and focus on sweaters.

I read all the comments, this one too saw. But I do not want to stop on sweaters, I plan to sell sweatshirts with stupid prints "I like to drink tea, wine is not mine".

And what about the mate on the sweatshirts? I have seen in "Instagram" your cool freakstyle freestyle!

Mata on clothes, probably, will not be. And the roller with rap has a story. I myself am from Zaporozhye, and we with classmates-graffiti artists often freestyling. Years later I broke up with my young man. And he is one of those who woke up and decided, that will read rap.

But I played ahead of and removed the stupid roller. But in general I have a split personality. In my pseudonym Dianna Anna is a lady, and Dee is a hooligan, a kind, sincere, gullible girl. Di now dominates Anna, and with this you need to do something.

Diana Ivanitskaya Shorikova

Meladze noticed you on a TV show "I want to go to VIA Gro". Do not you regret that did not get into the group?

I wanted it when I was seventeen. But I was called to another project. And there I  realized that it was not created for the group. I tried very hard, but did not live up to the expectations of the producer center.

I really wanted to be languid. In the 17-18 years I looked and behaved much more feminine than now. But my sexuality was not needed.

How are you going to promote yourself? Through the Instagram?

I hate writing posts and publishing photos. I'm going out straight ethers, only when I'm having fun.
A social network makes me lead my girlfriend Nastya, she's also my producer. My own will, I would not wind up even "Instu". And I will develop myself via YouTube, laying out two-minute videos "How to get rid of guy "or" How to tell a man that he is like a sister to you. " I will rely on on personal experience. I have it rich - fortunately or unfortunately.

Not The secret is that many girls fall in love with guys so that the roof blows. And the guys use it or take revenge for their unfortunate past feelings. Once I got into a relationship with a boy on a TV project. is he spent the night at my entrance, he was chased by my mother. And he shouted: "Come out, otherwise I cut myself! "-" What do you want? "-" I brought your favorite sucking candies "Rondo"! "And the most interesting is that he then had six lived with a girl, abandoned her for me, stood and cried. On the one hand, I'm sorry for the dude, and on the other hand, goat, threw the girl with the baby! In general, I reconciled them.

Diana Ivanitskaya Shorikova

Do you remember the names of all your guys?

Of course not! I generally forget and I confuse names. Three months I met with Sergei and called him Sasha, whom she also wanted.

How lovely! I see that you are not sad in life. And during sex you Are you laughing?

Constantly! When magic happens for the first time and I see how the man tries, me from this is bursting. He is lost first, and then he laughs with me.

That's all! Thank you for the cheerful interview!

As everybody? And you will not ask me, Is it possible to have sex on a first date? Even if you do not ask, all the same I will answer. It's dirty! how You can give yourself to the person who does not he know you? I only once there were spontaneous feelings for Dan Balan.

Many years ago we performed at one concert, and I went to him get acquainted in the dressing room. Us so I was overcome with passion - such creepy, such butterflies in the belly! - that through Fifteen minutes we were already kissing! And if it were not for my life principles, I'd give myself. (Maxim Russia)

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