Paula Lacroix vs Giselle Bundchen

Another promising coincidence: she is also from Brazil!

For us, maybe you will not say, but since supermodel Gisele Bรผndchen (after all, she is only 37) Has left the big fashion in housewives (individual shootings in advertising are not consoling us), the sun has turned for us, the oceans have dried up to and even Sobyanin, we scold half-heartedly, without the old light!

And then they rolled out, filled and scolded again: in the wilds of the podiums found a young model, brought up a flock of makeup artists, and she looks like Giselle as two drops of water - for another drop of water!

She is also from Brazil, her name is Paula Lacroix, she is only 16 years old, and she is still at school. So choose the expression of the eyes that you will look at her photo.

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In between the cramming of the theorem about the Pythagorean pants and the structure of the river arms Paula conquers the world's catwalks. She is at the very beginning of the modeling career, but the fans are already proclaiming her universal fame and deserved place in the series of Victoria's Secret angels. We promise to closely monitor its successes and to report to you fresh reports! (Maxim Russia)

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