Text: Igor Cher-skiy
Photos: Oleg Khoroshev

Irene Nelson

I've been trying to read something about you in the press - one solid positive. Why do you so rarely get into a scandalous chronicle?

If the artist has a tight tour schedule and everything is fine with his personal life, he will not glow anywhere. But all these "accidentally pinched a skirt", "collapsed" and "caught with the driver in the sauna" - the first sign that a person is down rating, there is no touring and he is looking for a sponsor. Read carefully the yellow press, see the photos - you will immediately understand who has problems.

But do you somehow come off after the concerts? Where do you eat? In male bands, this sometimes happens much brighter than the concert itself.

Oh, yes, of course! Write: "Every night after the concert, the group" Reflex "gets drunk to loss of consciousness, and then goes to the sauna with the girls of easy virtue!" Wrote? Now cross out and listen to the terrible truth. Frankly, most of our life we ​​work. And when you have two or three gigs a day, recording a clip and filming in a magazine, then in order to go somewhere else to eat, you need a very serious dope. We do not use dope, even frivolous. We and the rider clearly stated that we do not participate in any banquets. We prefer some quiet rest and a healthy sleep. Otherwise, no strength and health simply would not remain.

And that, even the paparazzi do not bother you?

Well, why? Sometimes disturb. At the concerts especially: one of the scenes standing near the edge will try to photograph from below with the phone, what's going on under our skirts. I for a concert two or three mobile phones, as a rule, I break a leg. Well, in passing, so as not to spy.

Yes, a hard life. They say to relax, you write pictures?

Well, yes, I wrote one, and my own body. This all happened in the clip "I Love", when I was first poured in different colors, and then put in a cold pavilion on a white canvas. And I on this canvas on the plot depicted an erotic dance. It turned out a very interesting painting, even I like it. And it does convey the state of ecstasy in the dance. Now hangs in our office in the frame. Perhaps we will someday arrange an auction.

Alena Torganova

You are in the group responsible for dancing. Tell me, please, how do you manage to so sexually move, and each time in a different way?

Simply, we always try to improvise, especially when we get warmed up properly. I once doimprovizirovalas that fell from the stage. No one even helped: everyone thought that this was part of the program. The moment is so entertaining - to crash from a two-meter height to the floor. But I, by the way, nothing, myself got up and danced the concert. Then, however, all the bones pinched. And once I so have dispersed, that have casually chopped Irine a microphone a slice of a tooth. We give full creativity to the work, so everything happens.

Do you dream of a prince on a white horse or do you look at your personal life more realistically?

No, I totally disagree on compromises in this area. It must necessarily be a horse, and there must necessarily be a prince, to whom I burn with an insane passion. And if I do not burn, let him jump back to where he came from, and I'll wait for the next one.

And what is the role of a man named DJ Silver in your team?

On it all the music and the whole sound. And he always helps us to carry weights. Always spends if you need one to return home. He in general is such a gentleman. A real man.

Maybe one of you to marry him?

We would be happy, just can not share it.

Throw a coin.

If only it were that simple! There are three of us. It's necessary to throw some very strange coin.

In what terrible conditions did you have to perform?

The most terrible thing is when microphones suddenly turned off and you had to sing without them. I had to come up with something urgently, but it was always a shock.

Zhenya Malakhova

As far as I know, the contest in Reflex was very big. How did you manage to win?

Why did you succeed? Just looking for the best - and found. Although, of course, I prepared for a long time. All childhood she sang and danced. At the age of 12, she already played at the Moscow Art Theater in the performance "A Midsummer Night's Dream". The role was small, well, so I was still small. And when I grew up, I decided to try myself in rap. There was such a rap group G77. Remember?

No, somehow not very ...

Well, how? There still are such wonderful words: "Mom, this night your daughter breaks away ..." Then something like that ... trin-tyn-tyn ... "and washed off, the party is going to." Sorry, I do not remember much either. And then I started a solo career, and it turned out that I do not even imagine rappers without rappers.

But in general, is it difficult for a talent to make his way on our stage?

Of course, it is difficult. Yet it starts with castings, and there sometimes it is pohlesche, than in gladiatorial duels. Sometimes you competitor almost heels filing, so you on the viewing fell. I was stolen by minus one, to which I had to sing. Take shoes, clothes. And yet everything is so sincerely happy with your failures, that you want to win simply by spite. Therefore I collect all will into a fist and win.

Do you conquer men in the same way? 

No, with men everything is different. We have a lot of casting, and there is only one vacancy. And here it's just the opposite: I'm alone, and there are a lot of them. And here I already look at everyone and choose.

Absolutely one and no competition?

But why? It happens, of course, that my boyfriend suddenly finds a former girl. Or, God forbid, not the former, but one more pretender. And then I become merciless. Just want to say: with the girls who are trying to get in my way, I crack down very cruelly. Especially if it's about my boyfriend and his attempts to take him away. I, of course, sometimes understand that this is not necessary, but there are things that are stronger than me. But in fact I am very soft, gentle and kind. Honestly. Especially in sight. (Maxim Russia)

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