MAXIM - Most likely, at least once in your life you have wondered how long a normal sexual intercourse should last, so that later it would not be painfully embarrassing. So, it turned out, scientists are worried about the same question!

For the purity of the experiment, scientists decided to bracket the preliminary caresses and take for sex the process immediately from the moment of penetration of the penis into the vagina until the moment of ejaculation.

It turned out to measure the duration of sexual intercourse is not so simple. At least, because many men tend to exaggerate the numbers, so as not to be in the league of the laggards. Well, some do it unwittingly. It's unlikely that you often recorded the time before the start of love games (except that with hourly pay). Therefore, it is not always possible to say with the precision needed by scientists (and who will blame if you rounded it up in your favor?).

But scientists still do not give up! The study, published on the website of the US State Institute of Health, attracted 500 couples from the United States, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom. For four weeks they had sex, marking time with a stopwatch, - combined pleasant with useful science.

The result surprised scientists. The range of duration of sexual acts ranged from 33 seconds to 44 minutes, which is a difference of 80 times!

Thus, it was impossible to answer the question of what duration of sexual intercourse was considered normal. But you can calculate the average duration. And it was 5.4 minutes in all countries (except for Turkey, the average duration of sexual intercourse there is 3.7 minutes).

There were other interesting conclusions. It turned out that the use of a condom does not affect the duration, as well as whether the male is circumcised with foreskin. All this destroys the existing stereotypes about the decreased or increased sensitivity of the penis. In addition, it turned out that the sex of mature couples lasts much less than young couples, contrary to the stereotype that men of age can do this for hours. Most likely, they are the ones who spread these rumors.

To explain the duration of the sexual act from an evolutionary point of view is also quite difficult. Indeed, why do you need to do all these movements and especially drive a girl to the theater before that?

Before you answer "because it's nice," the scientists want to remind you that evolution, by and large, does not care. For example, even though you enjoy a good steak, you will not chew it for five minutes to prolong the pleasure.

The answer to the question can be hidden in the very form of the member. In 2003, scientists from the University of Albany in Washington, DC (USA) conducted another study. With the help of artificial vaginas, artificial limbs and artificial sperm (which served as corn syrup), they prepared a visual experiment showing that during frictions the groove around the head of the penis actually pushes the liquid out of the vagina. So, if someone else has been there before you, your penis will make sure that the last genetic material is yours.

We hope you can not think about this now during sex. (Maxim Russia)

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