MAXIM - In the US, a military camp has opened, in which they are allowed to throw bombs from the aircraft of the Second World War

Wishing to repeat the feat of grandfathers who fought, in the US, too, a lot. Even for fun, but in conditions close to real, in the open sky.

That's why the so-called "fantasy camp", which provides services for simulating WWII military aircrafts, was created there. You are given a B-17 or B-24, dummies bombs and forward, bomb Hamburg or Japs according to archival combat missions.

So far the camp operates on an irregular basis, this year it has already curtailed its activities, but it is possible to enroll for the next year. Events Bomber Camp will be held in the city of Stockton (California) and will cost $ 2,200 per seat.

The program is complex. We report the main thing: during the flight they give us a wander around the plane, shoot with the onboard machine guns. The most desperate brave men are allowed into the shooting tower under the fuselage. It's really scary there.

It is difficult to say what the right to steer a bomber will cost. But the fact that you're flying a real World War II plane, and it's not a copy made on a 3D printer, ignites a fiery motor in the heart! (Maxim Russia)

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