We kidnapped Igor Ryzhov’s fitness manager for the World Class Metropolis club to get all the secrets of the perfect bodies of Hollywood stars from him. Today you will learn how Jason Momoa can be so cool!

"Aquaman" is already on the screens, and we could not miss such an event! The film does not need advertising, as all fans of the DC universe have long been waiting for this premiere. And for those who are far from comics, just remind you that a movie was released, the main character of which is able to breathe underwater, control the mind of underwater inhabitants, has superhuman strength and can even see in the dark. The special effects in the film correspond to his talents, so the picture is rich, the plot is interesting, and the overall impression is bright and vigorous.

The main role in the film is played by actor Jason Momoa, known for his role as the famous Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones. Although on this series his filmography, as it turned out, does not end there. A healthy, bearded, perfectly composed Jason with a very memorable appearance has become not only a sex symbol for most girls, but also a good example for all guys who want to always look 100%. Since childhood, the actor has paid a lot of attention to appearance and figure. Like many others, Jason began working as a model, then began acting in episodes and, of course, was seen in the crowd.

As Aquaman, we have known him for a long time, since he has already appeared in this role in the “League of Justice”. Batman, Superman, Green Lantern ... it would seem that all superpowers have already been mastered, the techniques have been studied and the reader is surprised (since, after all, first of all, this is a comic book hero) it becomes increasingly difficult. At the beginning of his “career”, Aquaman was a sugary character — a blond prince from the underwater world who communicated with fish. Nobody took him seriously for a long time. And before his film adaptation, the character experienced a significant transformation in order to now appear on the screen in the form of Jason Momoa, in the film directed by James Wan, launch “Saw”, “Astral” and “Spell” in due time. A sort of brutality and testosterone mix, the male version of the story about the Little Mermaid.

As I have already said, it is impossible to find a photo or video of our main character not in super form. Always clearly traced press, volumetric muscles and perfect proportions with a growth of 193 cm - just a dream of any mesomorph and the eternal envy of others. There are legends, myths and even fairy tales about his training. According to one of them, preparing for the role of Aquaman, Jason trained according to the 7/7 technique, that is, 7 sets of 7 repetitions with a minute rest between sets. With a weight of 50-60 from a one-time maximum and no more than 3 exercises per workout.

You can endlessly argue about methods, and you can find a suitable one for yourself and stop arguing. Therefore, I propose to check this approach on myself - I will make only minor adjustments by adding a couple of functional exercises that I spied in the video from Jason's training sessions. Such trainings will be short enough for one muscle group, so you will have to do at least 5-6 times a week or several times a day. But Hollywood stars can afford it, and we are simple people. After work we would have time to run into the hall, while Moscow turns into red rings and lines on navigators. So we will divide everything into 5 workouts and save ourselves a weekend (thanks to the wives you can leave in the comments). So, on Monday - the legs, on Tuesday - the pectoral muscles, on Wednesday - the back, on Thursday - the shoulders, and on Friday - the arms.

Take the middle ground, that is, the environment, and write out back training in the style of Jason Momoa.

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