MAXIM - It would have been better if Chip and Dale were killed by the death of the brave from the clutches of Fat Cat, than to survive it!

Disney announced the restart of the Chip and Dale cartoon and even showed the first frame, only the spectators are unhappy. In social networks, they have already been called "mutants", "eerie freaks" and "cheap fake." And the indignation of the fans can be understood! The favorites of all children who grew up in the 90s are easy to understand!

In the new series, Chip and Dale do not know. They will lose their usual outfits: Chip - leather jacket and felt hat, like his favorite hero Indiana Jones. And from our friend Dale will only his red nose, goodbye, Hawaiian shirt! About Rocky, Gadget and Vzhike, too, it seems to have to forget.

As it was already explained in DisWorld, the new series will not be related to the popular in the 1990s cartoon “Chip and Dale rush to help”, but will be a continuation of the cartoon about two friends-chipmunks, which was released in 1943 True, in those years, the chipmunk friends were not the main characters, but appeared in episodes about Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.

Here's what the new Chip and Dale will look like!

It is known that in the new series will be released 39 seven-minute episodes, which will show on their own streaming Disney - service Disney +.

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